Christmas Eve, 2016

Please enjoy this excellent Blog from my Pastor, Rev. Janice West.


Christmas Eve – 4:00 p.m.

Christmas came early for me tonight. Those who serve the church know that “that moment of Christmas” comes when it wants to – sometimes as we see the church filling up, or when we hear the familiar words of the timeless story. Maybe “Christmas happens” when we see the congregation standing and singing with their candles lit, or when we try to sing Silent Night, choking back the tears. Sometimes it waits until we are home after it all. . .in the peace and quiet of our homes and hearths.

Christmas came as I was driving to the church tonight.

I was reflecting on my year – and what a remarkable year it has been. I spent part of April in the Holy Land – the Mosaic of Peace conference. I have been there. No, not like some “check-off” on a…

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