A New World?

It was a wonderful Holiday Season.  A reconnection with an old friend and a two lovely visits to one of my favorite cities, St. Louis, helped to enrich my holiday enjoyment.  I did all of this and also fractured three ribs in an inopportune fall on ice.  The pain, especially the muscle spasms in my right side was like nothing that I had experienced to date.

Mary Jane and I especially enjoyed visiting with our niece Tara and her husband Mike on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They are delightful people who we love and admire…and we feel like we know them better after our recent visits.  Their children are wonderful.

I had a lovely gift from my life long friend Jeff, who has lived in Europe for several years, that was truly touching.

Life has brought us, in the United States, to a New World.  We have elected a President who is much different from his predecessors.  His rhetoric during his campaign was hurtful and unnecessary.  His spoken words regarding many groups of people were frightening.  Does he feel strongly regarding all of the hurtful words that he said about ; women, minorities, the handicapped, and immigrants…probably not?

There have been encouraging economic signs since we have had since a President Elect Trump.  The saving of 700 Carrier jobs in Indiana and Ford Motor Company deciding to not build a plant in Mexico and instead doing so in America.  The Tweet of the President Elect disavowing the Republican House members attempt to reduce the power of the independent House Ethics Committee and the subsequent change of heart of the House Membership.

Obamacare has problems.  It is to expensive for many middle class Americans.  Often you are not able to keep your Physician that your are comfortable with.  But, twenty-million Americans now have insurance where they did not prior to Obamacare.

If the President Elect will fix the Affordable Care Act…and not replace it…he will show statesmanship and wisdom that will be appreciated by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Let’s not embrace the Despot, Vladimir Putin.  Let’s not belittle and besmirch all of our Intelligence Agencies…who put their lives on the line…and who we rely upon for our safety and security.

Our President Elect has exhibited an ability to make a deal.  Let us hope and watch and wait for a President who will negotiate with both sides of the aisle in Congress to produce a much needed Infrastructure Program that will repair our out of date bridges and roads, and replace our crumbling rail lines and put millions of Americans to work.

President Elect Trump has shown a desire to consult craftsmen and women on his work sites, directly, as to their expert opinion.  He now has the golden opportunity to reach out to; African Americans, Women, the disabled, Muslims, Mexicans and others and demonstrate the magnanimity of the highest office in the land.

The President Elect, as do we all, craves approval…and being liked…and being appreciated.  Nothing would reinforce this Presidential desire more than genuinely and sincerely reaching out to those that, due to his campaign rhetoric, feel apprehension and real fear.

Often, when I was a manager of a large housekeeping organization, my leadership staff would bring to me disparaging comments that someone within the organization had uttered concerning me.  I repeatedly asked them to not share such comments with me unless someone was threatening my life or trying to get me fired.

A member of my immediate staff told me once, that if you did not know who was my enemy or my friend…you would never be able to tell by the way that I treated them…as I appeared to treat my enemies just like my friends…if not better.

I am sure that this gracious comment was not true…but it was what I strove to accomplish.

Mr. President Elect…make your enemies your friends…and your friends…love you.


5 responses

  1. Admirable sentiments, sir. Hope he takes a leaf out of your book. Happy new year!

    1. Thank you my friend. Happy New Year! 🎆🎈🎊

  2. Happy new year and sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident! 3 ribs!! Ouch! Get well soon. Also great views you shared too. 😊

    1. Thank you my friend. 🤠

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