‘Now is the Time for all Good Men, and Women, to Come Aid of Their Country’

The great patriot, Patrick Henry, is attributed with first uttering the phrase, ‘Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.’

The Washington Post calls, ‘the new Republican health-care plan is awe-inspiringly awful.’

The first cost analysis of the Republican Health Care Plan is that it will be the most costly to rural Americans that are 60+ years old and have an income of 20 – 40 thousand dollars annually.  The analysis also illustrates that Americans making 75 thousand plus annually are the greatest beneficiaries of this Obama Care replacement.

The majority of President Trump’s supporters, who’s votes carried him to the White House, are age 60 and over and are rural Americans who’s annual income is 20 – 40 thousand annually.

President Trump and his staff insist that, ‘there is nothing to see here,’ as facts continue to emerge regarding the Russian connection with the President’s Campaign and his Presidency… persist.


President Trump woke up last Saturday and accused former President Obama of taping his phones in Trump Tower during the Presidential Campaign…and that perhaps, President Obama, was, ‘sick.’

Governor Bruce Rauner tells the citizens of Illinois that he wants a state budget but that the Democratic Senate and House must agree to some of the concessions that he demands before he will sign a budget.

The Grand Bargain, crafted by the president of the Illinois Senate, seemed to hold out at long last hope for the millions of Illinoisans who are suffering under the weight of not having a state budget for almost two years.

It appears that hopes are dimming for this ‘savior’ plan due to the intransigence of both the democrats and republicans to compromise…which is the entire theory and construct that our government is built upon.

‘Nero fiddled while Rome burned!’

The damage being done to our beloved Southern Illinois University is almost irreversible…now!


In our governing officials quest for a leaner budget in Illinois…they have succeed in balloning the budget by billions of dollars and lowering our credit rating to Junk Bond status.

During the political Inquisition, that the United States is currently undergoing,…would it not be refreshing to have elected statesmen and stateswomen that would tell us the truth?  I am not referring to ‘my truth’ or ‘your truth’…I am referring to the truth.


Are you weary of hearing our politicians speak ‘double talk’ to us when we ask them questions that often are life and death issues that deserve plain and constructive speech.

How do our political leaders utter their complete contempt for someone they are running against…only to later enjoy dinner with the contemptible person…who is now the President?


We, thus far, still live in a representative democracy.  Perhaps now…we must become involved in our government…before it is to late?


4 responses

  1. It’s all rather grim, isn’t it, Bjay? 😦

  2. I agree with you comments. I hope people wake up and do something, demand more. I think people are starting to do that with all the movements all across the country. That is a good thing to see. If we want change, we will have to be the change makers.

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