Spring Cleaning and Time Travel

Over the past week Jonathon, Aaron, and I have been preparing our basement for waterproofing.  This preparation included the disposal of many items that had not been seen in at least sixteen years.

It is amazing the things that your save.  Many times possessions that seemed extremely valuable in one decade…have apparently lost some value in the ensuing decade.

We uncovered my first Bible…that had been purchased for me by my Mother on my thirteenth birthday.  In those days I wrote in my Bible…a lot.  My carer aspiration, as a young man, was to be a minister.  The handmade leather cover on my first Bible was made by my old friend Michael Topple.  Reading my thoughts and impressions, at that time, transported me back to my life in 1970.

We also found some black and white polaroid photos that I took in the sixth grade.  One of my classmates and good friends at the time, Jeff Colmeyer, was in one of the photos.  Also, a lovely picture of my Mother…in her thirties…healthy and happy and not afflicted with Alzheimers Disease.

We happily discovered some little figurines called ‘Old Salts’ which are nautical in nature.  They provided happy memories…from long ago.

We found many of my work-life items from my carer at SIU.  I recalled fondly my great years with the University and the intrinsic part that it played in my life for over thirty-two years.


Who we are…our identity…our life experience…our memories…provide our uniqueness.

Life contains chapters…that often are good to re-read for their richness and value and the context the they give to our present and future.

Also life brings us experiences that need to be placed in the rubbish bin.  The decision is ours to make.



4 responses

  1. Loved your thoughts on this. Sometimes it takes a long interval to realize whether those “mementos” should be treasured or tossed.

    1. Thank you my friend. So very true! 😉

  2. Gorgeous pictures. What a great post and fond memories.

    1. Thank you my friend for your kind words. 🌞

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