I read an article this morning by Maria Shriver regarding the value of Time.  Time is something that we think little about…until we contemplate that it may be running out.

IMG_1055When I was a child…I could not wait to be grown.  When I became a man…I could not wait to become successful…or at least what society told me was successful.

IMG_1127When I became successful…I anticipated with joy…my retirement.

IMG_1107Now that I am retired…I look with great longing to find identity with life.  What does it mean to be alive…with all of the joys…and all of the sorrows…that life brings?

IMG_1086My recent Gatlinburg visit with my brother Brock and My Sister-law-Marcy and my nephew Jeb and my niece Jamie…helped to teach me the value of our most valuable resource…Time…and how precious it is.

IMG_1138IMG_1133Do you think that God is a Capitalist?  Do you really believe that it matters to the Creator…who really acquired the most wealth?  Will the rich have the best seats in Heaven…and the poor be relegated to the Cheap seats?

IMG_1098IMG_1064The majesty of God’s Creation…and the uniting of Family…is a true miracle…and a key to his character!


4 responses

  1. karthika Padmakumar | Reply

    Excellent words sir 🙂

    1. Thank you my friend for your kind remarks. 🌞

      1. karthika Padmakumar

        Indeed family time is the best for everyone right? 🙂

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