The Brooks at Gatlinburg

A few days ago we had the privilege of spending some time with my brother Brock and his lovely family at Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  Although I have been to Gatlinburg probably thirty times in the past forty years…our time with the Brooks family was special.

IMG_1351Brock and Marcy are such wonderful people.  Have you ever met someone and felt like that you have been together for all of your life?  That is how we all feel about Brock and Marcy and Jeb and Jamie!

IMG_1141Do you see the family resemblance?  All of us have noticed the similarities shared between my brother and I.  Especially our affinity of hats!

IMG_1348Mary Jane and Marcy make me think that they are sisters rather than sisters-in-law.

I felt an immediate affection for my nephew Jeb and his sister Jamie.  They are such impressive outstanding people…I am honored to be their uncle!

I must explain at this point that Brock and I are long lost brothers.  My mother and father divorced when I was five years old.  I was not aware of Brock and his siblings…and mine…until 2012 when our sister Tammy contacted me.  I cannot think of a greater gift that I have been given than to have brothers and sisters…as I was raised an only child.

We enjoyed a lovely hike in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

IMG_1050This is a part of our Country that captivates my imagination!  We have considered moving to Gatlinburg on more than one occasion.


The Little Pigeon River holds continuing renewal for me.  I would like to have a cabin next to it.

IMG_1068IMG_1126Just the melodic sound that the Little Pigeon makes… will wash away all of your worries and cares.

IMG_1131IMG_1077We also saw a great waterfall.

IMG_1099We observed some blackened trees from the fire that plagued the area just a few short months ago.

IMG_1021IMG_1025We had the opportunity to participate in a Tasting of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine in Gatlinburg.  It was wonderful!  We thus were compelled to purchase some to take back to the cabin in Pigeon Forge.  We throughly enjoyed this Smoky Mountain Original a week ago last Friday.  All worries…and pain…and suffering…was forgotten over board games and discussions regarding Global Warming.

IMG_1154Needless to say, this was a trip for the Journals and Record Books!  We so enjoyed being with the Brooks of Tennessee…that we want to replicate the experience soon and often!

IMG_1350Morgan is Jeb’s lovely and sweet girlfriend.

IMG_1145Jonathon enjoying a doughnut from the Doughnut Friar in Gatlinburg where he got a free cup of coffee for using their ATM.

I cannot express how meeting Brock and his family has influenced my life.  He and I are much alike and his family is my family.

A wonderful gift for a retired almost 60 year old…only child!


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