Delyte Wept

Last week, eighty employees of Southern Illinois University were laid off.  SIU is the largest employer south of Effingham, Illinois…which is a two hour drive north from it.

IMG_0503I spent over thirty-two years…or my entire career at SIU.  SIU is the economic engine that propels our entire region.  Without SIU…we would be likened to Appalachia.

I do not fault the Chancellor and President, who are good men, but I do fault our state government that has failed to pass a state budget for two years.  I am beginning to wonder if it is the Governor’s plan is to starve State Universities to death…and thus effectuate several of their closures?

IMG_2610 2Fifty-one of the lay-offs were Civil Service Staff.  I was a member of the Civil Service Staff for my entire career.  As a rule Civil Service are the first to go…but their value to the institution is tremendous.  Without Civil Service Staff…you have no University.

IMG_2619In the early 1990s SIU had a peak enrollment of almost 25,000 students.  Housing units that were built of two students were being altered to house three.

SIU was referred to as the second Jewel in the Crown of Higher Education for the state of Illinois, with the University of Illinois being the first.

Southern is renowned for it’s’ extremely highly rated academic programs and is a Carnegie II Institution.

IMG_2623 2 The abysmal condition of the lack of a Sate Budget for the Great State of Illinois…the home of Abraham Lincoln…is the primary cause of the precipitous decline of opportunity for all of the State’s residents.

IMG_2625 6I walked the Campus the day that the lay-off notices were distributed.  You could have heard a pin drop!  The silence was deafening.

IMG_2632 3I think that the Chancellor and President agonized about their choices…I have been impressed regarding the access that they have given me…and I think that they really listened.

IMG_2634 2Delyte wept..and so did Dorthy…

IMG_0478 3Although President Trump promises that Coal is going to make a comeback…it is not…that would be a fake promise.

Southern Illinois University is the Promise and the Hope and the Dream of…Southern Illinois.  Little Egypt has no other card to play…if we fold on the University…we fold on our economic life.

9 responses

  1. Education is like infrastructure when you don’t invest in it community and opportunity crumbles.

    1. I agree and well said!

  2. I am sorry to hear of the layoffs at SIU. It does seem that funding from government is not happening and it is a real pity. I hope Orange Man will change his mind and realise that helping within must start somewhere. Best wishes.

    1. I like the ‘Orange Man’ title. 😉

      1. Lol!! He is often referred to as that in our neck of the woods…though I sometimes see the word “bufoon” attached…ha ha…I hope he takes reality pills and behave like a successful billionaire to take USA out of the doldrums. 😤

  3. I am very sorry to hear of the layoffs at the SIU and the general dysfunction of the government in my home state. I hope our politicians can find their way in Illinois and Washington to do what is best for the people and not just themselves or their party. Sadly it appears the honorable, selfless leadership we need cannot be found in the current White House.

    1. It is fundamentally wrong to allow higher education to suffer needlessly.
      I agree, Statesman and Stateswoman are almost archaic terms.

  4. I can’t hit Like on this, but I am glad you wrote about it. These things need to be known.

    1. Thank you my friend. 🌞

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