Our Shared Humanity

In Church Service, this morning, Pastor Janice mentioned that often the most segregated hour of the week, is the 9:00 am Sunday morning church service.


Last evening, in London, another horrific terrorist attack took place on London Bridge and Borough Market.

All to often we are disconnected from the cradle to the grave from those who look different from us, come from different life and family traditions, and who worship in another manner than we do.


We go about our lives neither considering or caring what others are doing…or how they are doing…unless they are members of our tribe.

Large groups of ethnicities and under privileged economic strata, live in the midst of the United States and yet are not integrated into the common society and economy, that the majority reaps the benefits of.


It is thought that this condition may be even more pronounced in Europe, with large minority communities living in an insular fashion from the normal life of the majority society.


How can we understand each other…if we do not talk to each other?


How can we talk to each other if we do not worship together…and yes I mean not only Christians with Christians…but Christians worshiping with those of other faiths and learning of their sincerity in discovering God?


My life’s journey has taken me along a path that has increasingly made me more accepting of all people.


Over my thirty-two years career at Southern Illinois University I continually discovered that; ethnicities, colors, religions. And cultures that were different from mine…were fascinating and that the people from them were just like me…a fellow member of the Human Family.


Close Mindedness and prejudice is taught.  It is not genetic.  To feel that the color of your skin or your faith or the lack thereof…sets you apart and makes you special…is elitism and is the root of the problem of our time.


The more that I have been accepted by people from another faith or lineage or skin color…the richer my life has become.  And yes this includes many dear friends from the Gay and Lesbian Community.


I am always honored and deeply humbled when members of a community other than mine…accept me and allow me in.


I pray that we will all seek to understand each other and accept each other…as the multi-colored…multi-faith…multi-cultured…family of Humanity…and thus…of God.



statue of liberty constructionIMG_2850

8 responses

  1. Couldn’t have said it better! 😘

    1. Thank you my friend. 😌

      1. You’re welcome! 😘

  2. Well written. I hope Britian stands strong and clams down on these crazy IS related deaths. RIP to those fallen, young and old. Sad😢

    1. It is a senseless tragedy. Thank you my friend.

      1. “Senseless” – describes it well. Plse take care and stay safe. Blessings and Garfield hugs😚😊

  3. I fully endorse what you’re saying, Bjay. Our Muslim community in this town are eager to welcome us into their world. But what do we do about those who teach others to hate and tyrannise young people?

    1. They must be stopped. Terror cannot be given into. This is a battle who’s tendrils are rooted in many of our global societies’ ills.

      Also, I think that a product of increased communication, interaction, and sharing of economic and all opportunity, will increase an appreciation for each other that will diminish the hate.

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