Communication is Difficult!

A little over a week ago, a very nice person asked if she could include one of my Blog Posts on a Writers Website that she manages.  I told her that I would be honored for her to do so.  The Piece was written on June 14 and was titled, ‘A Tragedy with a Possible Promise of Hope,’ and it was regarding the shooting, at the ball field in Virginia, that Republican Congressmen, and others, were practicing at in preparation for their annual Charity Congressional Ballgame with the Democrats.


I cited in my Post that perhaps this senseless act of violence might bring our political leaders together.  I noted the Speech that Speaker Ryan gave after the horrific event, as well as the dinner that the manager of the Democrat Team had invited the Republican Team to attend.


I was excited when I received an email notification that someone had commented on  the Post, or what I would call a fairly straightforward hope that our politicians might work together…at least a little.


The first comment was, ‘The issue I see is that within 2 weeks this will be forgotten and Washington D.C. will be back to its dysfunctional normal.  We are a dying empire.’


Another comment said, ‘The Speaker said, an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.’  ‘NOT REALLY YOU FORGOT THAT “US” ARE MURDERED EVERY DAY.’


Another commenter stated, ‘Bradley Brooks implores: sincere desire to understand and empathize with the person that you are listening to, point of view. – Oh, so now I’M SUPOSE to believe others have a right to woman’s body and a right to impose someone else’ morality, think LGBQ should be killed, and “those people” in inner cities left to starve, sicken and die as a matter of empathy or ‘understanding?’  Huh?’



I responded to the above person with, “It is clear to me that, words, can be taken totally out of context.  I am neither a Republican nor a Trump supporter.  I do however believe that the tremendous animosity and anger that is expressed from both political parties…is caustic and corrosive.  That does not mean a compromise of our principles of human and moral decency and advocacy for the many needy among us, or for individual right of freedom to live as we choose.  However, certainly, the cavalier shooting of those we disagree with is a journey into a hopeless abyss…that is being illustrated weekly, and at times daily, by the horrendous acts of terrorism around our Globe…in the name of one group being ‘right’ and the other being ‘targets of hate’.”


I did not include the commenter who said that, there was a vast liberal conspiracy to kill Republicans or the response to this, by another person, labeling the first person a fascist.

My experience with the comments above has illustrated to me how difficult it is to communicate with others in our society, that has become increasingly divided and housed in “Silos” of our own creation.


President Lincoln was a Republican.

President Eisenhower was a Republican.

Indeed our Political Party elected leaders have gravitated to the extreme of their membership.

All Republicans are not far right.

bleu blanc rouge.jpg

All Democrats are not far left.

The majority of both Political Parties are somewhere in the middle.

The Herculean Task of communication with others that are different than us or that have different views than us…is hard work!

Benjamin Franklin said, ‘We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.’

Ben Franklin, sculpted by a young Madame Tussaud



4 responses

  1. There are various studies with varying percentages, but basically the written word without a dialogue later on to unpack context is likely to be misunderstood. One study charts it at 40% probability. So many people read armed to the teeth with their views. They read to pick a fight, to disagree, to pin on their disappointments on someone else.
    I think they do this because they don’t have any friends with whom they could discuss ideas. Or maybe they dont want to discuss ideas. Such is the age of the digital troll.

    1. My recent experience has illustrated the findings of the study. I think that we must be willing to engage in the dialogue that is necessary to achieve clear and effective communication. 🤠

  2. This experience is a prime example of why I never post about politics. The subject is just too volatile. Even if you try to remain neutral, there is somebody somewhere who will find fault with that. Sigh.

    1. Yes, it was somewhat surprising, but it did illustrate what a chasm exists in political thought…in our country. 😳

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