Simple Beauty

When I first retired at the end of 2010, I wondered how difficult it would be to fill my  new found days of freedom from the daily grind of work.  Work was all that I had known from the age of 17 when I moved out of my parents home the day after I graduated High School.



We set out to travel…and have visited several wonderful locales.  It is something that I love doing, and in fact we have a trip planned to New Mexico next month.




Two things have emerged as primary retirement pleasures of mine…and perhaps three things.

I truly love nature and SIU Campus walks…and photographing those adventures.  By this one enjoyable enterprise I am able to combine three exciting vocations!


First the Campus of Southern Illinois University…is my home away from home.  I spent thirty-two enjoyable years, of my life, traversing it’s abundant beauty…both inside and outside of it’s classical, distinguished, buildings.  This is enjoyable exercise!


Second, I love photography…and my daily walks reveal to me a constantly changing tapestry of color, and plants, clouds, and wildlife…that I never tire of.


Third, I am able to stay engaged with my Alma Mater and even exchange the occasional, enjoyable, email with both the Chancellor and the President of our great University.


I also, have since a child, enjoyed writing.  For most of my life I felt that I was to busy to engage in this passion…but now I have the time.


I am writing a Post for this Blog almost every other day…and sometimes daily.  This is a fulfillment of a life long dream of mine…and it is keenly satisfying.  I have received mostly positive input and have nearly 800 followers.  I am humbled that anyone takes the time to read my scribblings.

So, I would say that life is what you make of it.  Or as the Talmud states, ‘We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.’


I have been blessed to travel to Europe on numerous occasions as well as many lovely locations in the United States…however…beauty and contentment and happiness and the ever elusive Peace…comes from within our own hearts.




6 responses

  1. Glad to be with you, enjoying and sharing your passion and especially seeing the world through your eyes. I hope to have the same privilege as you to do the same one day😊Blessings and Garfield hugs to you and may you be always blessed with the same happiness daily. Have a wonderful Sunday😊😇

    1. Thank you my friend. May you have a great Sunday as well! 🤠

  2. Retirement for many may seem like the greatest adventure, but some folks default to watching TV after taking that bucket list travel location. Your hobbies of photography and writing are a healthy mix of fun and leisure, which can be done anywhere. My retirement from my 32-year day job as a recreation practitioner (think Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec) was needed and a blessing. While still working, 7 years ago, I was fortunate to be able to teach as a lecturer in the parks and receive major at a local university. Best retirement job ever. I, too, love walking around campus, soaking up the beauty and the energy of an academic environment 😎

    1. Retirement can be the most exciting chapter of life! 😉

  3. Life post retirement and a post on that is surely inspiring.

    1. Thank you my friend. 😎

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