Keep Smiling

Please enjoy this great Blog Post from my son, Jonathon. He is truly a joyful gentleman! 🤠


Why is it that a snarling dog meets many other dogs wearing mean faces whereas a friendly dog meets many other friendly dogs? The angry dog might believe the problem is all of the other dogs. Perhaps the other canines are out to destroy him or steal his rawhide bone. Maybe they’d like to tear into him out of jealousy. Instead of becoming quick friends the dogs become fast enemies. How sad this is and how true it is of human beings as well as dogs.

I’ve worked hard for many years now to live at peace with all of the other life travelers. As a boy I would snarl. Guess what? People snarled back. After given a second chance of Christian faith I relearned how to smile. Guess what again? People smile back. Because of grace there’s a goodness inside of me that’s so much greater than I could…

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