Just Relax…and be at Peace.

I just returned from the newest Spider-Man Movie, ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’, with Aaron and I enjoying it very much.

I mentioned to Mary Jane, that I had mysteriously lost 4 lb.. from 10:am this morning until 3:00pm this afternoon.  I told her that this had happened before, more than once, when I have gone to the movies.


I have been a movie aficionado since childhood.  One of my favorite movies, that I went with my Mother and some friends in Chicago to see, was Lady and the Tramp.  I was probably about three years old at the time…and I remember it explicitly.


Lady and the Tramp transported me to an idyllic world of talking dogs and their intricate lives.  The Christmas scenes, in the movie, were imprinted on my brain.  The Siamese Cats stating that, ‘I hear baby cry’, I have never forgotten…and quote this saying anytime that I actually hear a baby cry.

In 1989 I saw ‘Driving Mrs. Daisy’, and my entire concept of friendship and loyalty and race discrimination…was altered forever.


In 1991 I saw JFK.  I have been fascinated with the Kennedy Assassination since Mrs. Kittinger, my first grade teacher, announced that the President had been shot and that school was canceled for the remainder of the day.

The hypothesis that were brought forth in the movie were compelling and food for thought in a mystery that has never seemed answered by the Warren Commission.

When I arrived home from school on the day of the Assassination, my mother was crying as if one of our close relatives had died, I then learned that our President had been killed.

When I saw, on live television, that Jack Ruby cavalierly walked toward Lee Harvey Oswald and shot him at point blank range…my six year old mind knew that something was not right and that there was more to the story than what we were being told.


In 1990 we went with our dear friends, Steve and Faye, to see Godfather Part III.  This was during the Holiday Season…and we often took in movies during this festive time.  I had such a splitting headache that I asked Faye if she had any headache pills, and she did and gave me one.  I felt almost immediate relief.  We watched this movie and I fell in love with the Godfather Saga.  Shortly thereafter I watched the original Godfather and Godfather II…but Godfather Part III has a special place in my heart…because I was with the LaBrier’s…my lifelong friends.


Life is funny with its’ twists and turns…but nothing can replace the little moments that stay with you for the rest of your life!


It is not only the movies that give me peace and relaxation but also being with my newfound brother, Brock, and his family, Marcy, Jeb, and Jamie.  I have been enjoying their Great Alaskan Adventure…vicariously.

IMG_3066 2

Writing…brings me peace and relaxation.  I enjoy it in its’ pure simplicity.


Photography makes me feel peace and happiness and relaxation.


Nature, nurtures me, and teaches me the permanence of God…and my place in his creation.


My sons, Aaron and Jonathon, and the love of my life, Mary Jane, bring me peace and relaxation.



Our dogs, Brody, Wallace, and Parker, bring me peace and an understanding of the intricacy of creation.

IMG_0192 3

Find what gives you peace and relaxes you and makes you happy and pursue it.




10 responses

  1. An interesting, uplifting post! Nice pictures.

    1. Thank you my friend. 🌞

  2. I like your new diet!
    Need to lose a few pounds? Just go to the cinema!
    Sounds good to me, I’ll definitely try it! 🙂

    1. I think that I should market it? 😉🎥

  3. Think.i,should,market

  4. We need all the peace we can find in this life, BJay. My son is moving house today and I’m a nervous wreck! Good times ahead though 🙂 🙂

    1. All the best, my friend, to you and your son. I am wishing you both peace. 🌞

  5. Love everything about this post. Being at peace with what matters most – family, friends, nature, writing, photography 😀👍💕

    1. Thank you my friend. 🌞

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