The Vitriol and Hate that Surrounds Political Discourse

‘Springfield — The Illinois Capitol building is currently on lockdown.  No one is allowed in or out of the building after an unknown substance was reportedly thrown at the Governor’s office.’

‘Governor Rauner wasn’t at the Capitol building when the incident happened.’

‘A woman was put into handcuffs by Capitol Police and escorted from the building.’

‘Today’s House Session is currently delayed because not all members were in the chamber before the lockdown went into place,’ according to WSIL Channel 3 ABC.


Our beloved Country is becoming increasingly polarized along extreme political ideology.


Some would have Illinois continue without a state Budget until one side of the political aisle or the other…cry uncle…and acquiesce to the agenda of the victor.


In a similar fashion our Federal Government seems dominated by the extreme of a ‘Pro Wrestling Match’ where the winner obliterates the looser…to the blood curdling cheers of the audience.


Recently the Republican Baseball Team was fired upon by a sick individual in the name of political ideology.  Republican Representative Steve Scalise is back in intensive care ,due to his being shot in the hip during the horrible incident.

Republican members of the Senate are not only not enthused by the Health Care Plan, that a few of their members created, with the support of their leadership, but several of them know that the provisions of the Bill will hurt their constituents.


The ‘do or die…hell bent for leather’ promise to replace Obamacare, which needs serious reforms, is apparently the rationale for replacing it with a Bill that is not even as effective as the Obama creation that they promised to replace.

Is winning the only rationale to political discourse?


What about the people that elected the Representatives and the Senators to their lofty offices?

For the past two years our Illinois Government has stood on their extreme political principles and let the people be damned.

As the fight of the Titans has transpired…the fate of the peasants has seemed to be of little consequence.


IMG_2625 6

Perhaps there is a middle ground…where the needy can be succored…as the scripture admonishes us?


Perhaps there is a middle ground where our children are assured an education and including a higher education…to prepare for our increasingly technological future?


Perhaps there is a courageous and thoughtful and principled and sure ground of voting for the true betterment of the poor and the struggling and the hard working middle class…that sent our elected representatives to office to address our real needs?



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