SIU and the Solar Eclipse

‘It is 27 days and 22 hours and 17 minutes and 56 seconds,’ at the time of my writing this, according to Southern Illinois University’s Eclipse Webpage, before the total solar eclipse.


‘The first total solar eclipse over the U.S. since 1979 will reach its point of greatest duration on Aug. 21, 2017, just a few miles south of Carbondale.  On the main SIU Carbondale campus, totality will happen at 1:21 p.m. CDT.’   Southern Illinois University


‘Saluki Stadium is the focal point of the eclipse observation event, where the public is invited to a guided eclipse experience emceed by Mat Kaplan of Planetary Radio. Guests will see the eclipse happening live overhead while watching and participating in a variety of edutainment activities developed in conjunction with our partners including, NASA Eclipse 2017, the Adler Planetarium of Chicago, the Louisiana Space Consortium, The Science Center of Southern Illinois and other related groups.  Visitors will be able to see live coverage of the eclipse across America through the eyes of NASA anchored by NASA Edge from the campus of SIU Carbondale.’    Southern Illinois University


It is estimated that over 50 thousand people will converge on Carbondale for this historic event.


‘Ozzy Osbourne To Headline 2017 Moonstock Festival’

‘Carterville, Il: Ozzy Osbourne will be the featured artist during Moonstock, a four day music festival, at Walker’s Bluff in Carterville, Il. On August 21, 2017, a four day music festival, at Walker’s Bluff in Carterville, Il.  On August 21, 2017, a small portions of the United States will witness a type of total eclipse that hasn’t  been visible in nearly forty years.  On that day, at 1:20 pm, when light fades to darkness, Ozzy Osbourne will kick off a concert by singing Bark at the Moon.  This event will wrap up the four day Music Festival at Walker’s Bluff called Moonstock,’  according to Ozzy Osbourne Latest News.


The Total Eclipse of 2017 is a very big deal for Carbondale, Illinois and it’s beloved Southern Illinois University!


‘A total solar eclipse occurred on July 20, 1963.’  Wikipedia

I remember fondly the eclipse of 1963!  On television there were instructions regarding the construction of a Eclipse Viewing Box that enabled the viewer to watch the eclipse play out through a mirror image.

I can remember the excitement that I felt as a young child…in being able to view…day turn into night…it was almost Biblical!


‘The eclipse was featured in the comic strip Peanuts (July 15-20, 1963), with Linus demonstrating a safe way of observing the eclipse as opposed to looking directly at the eclipse.  It also served an important function in the plots of two Stephen King novels, Gerald’s Game (1962) and was featured in a season 3 episode of Mad Men “Seven Twenty Three” (2009).  John Updike mentioned the eclipse in his 1968 novel Couples, saying “only one other time had been so ominous [in those years], the Wednesday in October of 1962 when Kennedy had faced Kruscheve over Cuba.’   Wikipedia

I was privileged to meet John Updike, many years later, at SIU.  He signed two of his books for me.


I remember, in 63′,…my Mom and Dad were divorcing…and my life was forever being altered…but the Sun was going dark…and that was epic!


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