The Joy of the Future, Present and Past

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It’s a joy to reminisce about childhood happy memories and treasures from the past. I’m a saver. I save stuff that others often throw away. Movie stubs have been a collectible item for me since around age fourteen. I’ve saved Christmas, birthday, friendship, get-well cards and postcards since age nineteen. My mom saved stamp books for me from 1984 through 1991. I was born in 1984. She must’ve known I’d be a saver before I did. Recently I got a new battery for an old watch. When the new battery was added, and the watch started keeping time again, the jeweler informed me the date had read 1994. It was a gift on my tenth birthday! I love talking about old times and bringing out treasures from the days of growing up.

To live in the moment is a beautiful way to travel through life. Living in the moment for…

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