Life’s Chapters

A truth about life became apparent to me, since my retirement in 2010, and that is life is comprised of chapters.


As a newly married, young man of 20, I seriously wanted to better Mary Jane and my life…to attain employment that would allow us to buy our own home and have enough money to start a family.

At the age of 20, as the old saying goes, ‘the world is your oyster.’

Those days of our new babies and the thrill and the fear of doing parenting right…were awesome and scary!

My Mom and Dad divorced after eighteen years of marriage.  I was six years old.  I can remember the confusion…and fear…and uncertainty that I felt as a child.

IMG_0297 2

What had appeared to me to be an idyllic relationship and home life…that I have often likened to the popular television show of the era, ‘Leave it to Beaver’…was apparently just the opposite.

I remember, as if it were yesterday, Mary Jane getting her Master’s Degree at the age of 40.  I was, and am, so proud of her for going back to school and achieving this noteworthy accomplishment.

Around the age of forty I was named Superintendent of Building Services.  This was the department that I had been hired into, at the age of 20, as a Building Service Worker I…which is a janitor.

Shortly after my promotion…my stepfather died and my mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s’ Disease…came to live with us.

A more challenging and stressful three years…I have not experienced.  If it had not been for Mary Jane’s herculean efforts in caring for my Mom…we could not have kept her.


Over the last fifteen years our wonderful sons, Aaron and Jonathon, have grown into such outstanding men!  It is the joy of my life…just to be in their presence!

IMG_0817 3

At 53 years old I retired with over 32 years of service to the University that I love.


Since our retirement we have been blessed to travel to many great destinations, including Europe, and renew our life long friend ship with our dear friends, Margo and Jeff.


Illness has visited our little family…more than once…but we are still here and grateful to God for looking out for us!

Your might say…what is your point of this Christmas Letter?


My point would be when you think that your life is so bad that it will never get better…you may be at the dawning of a beautiful sunrise.


I am now knocking at the door of 60…and it seems young!  I recently had a health scare…and worried for six months…but by God’s grace…I dodged the bullet!

When I looked into Mary Jane’s eyes, during my waiting period, I could see the care and concern and love that she had for me.

IMG_2350 2

Do not make abrupt decisions…when it appears that your life will not improve without a radical change.


Life is like a pendulum…it swings back and forth.


The beauty and bonding of a shared life together…often develops into a carefully and masterfully stitched Quilt of Life…that is valued beyond measure!



14 responses

  1. I am pleased to hear of your good fortune. My guess is you are very deserving. Brick

    1. Thank you my friend. 😉

  2. Worthy of a re-read and share with family members. Thanks!

    1. You are too kind. I am honored! 🤠

  3. A beautiful, heartfelt post!

    1. Thank you so much. 😊

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. 😊

    1. Thank you very much. 😁

      1. You’re so welcome. 😊

  5. Good advice – nice post!

    1. Thank you my friend! 🌞

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