A New Mexico Wildlife Refuge

During our visit to New Mexico we were privileged to visit a Wildlife Refuge that Ira Kaye’s friend, Ann, volunteered at.

I was impressed with Ann’s dedication and passion for the animals, many who had been wounded, and sent to the Refuge for healing and for education for children visiting the safe and caring facility.

IMG_3752It was thrilling to see a Bald Eagle…so close!

IMG_3781A different Bald Eagle.

I noticed that Ann spoke with each animal with such love and concern…that I was touched with the mission of this small rescue and refuge and educational facility.

IMG_3758The Bobcat seemed keenly aware of his surroundings…restless…hungry!

IMG_3759Owls are fascinating!

IMG_3775IMG_3772I, being an animal lover…throughly enjoyed not only our visit to the Wildlife Refuge…but also it’s profound and meaningful mission to save and protect the beautiful and diverse animals that were native to the New Mexico and southwest region.

IMG_3761IMG_3774There was a Grand Tortoise…that I did not snap a photo of…he was majestic!

IMG_3775Our visit to Ann’s Wildlife Refuge was a wonderful experience!  Also, we had a lovely lunch with her at a great New Mexico restaurant, that was nearby.  She also suggested that we might like to visit Chimayo, New Mexico…that was known for it’s weaving prowess.

Our subsequent visit to Chimayo turned out to be one of our most enjoyable days…and I was able to find an authentic New Mexico Ring!

IMG_4039 3New Mexico…has an allure that is ancient and compelling!


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