The Santa Fe Opera

When we drove through Santa Fe, three years ago for Mechem and Carson’s Wedding, Ira Kaye pointed out the Santa Fe Outdoor Opera Amphitheater.  I thought, then, if I ever returned…I hoped to be able to see a performance in the venue.

We were privileged to do so a week ago Tuesday.

This is an extraordinary Venue…with not a bad seat in the house!

IMG_3720The Operetta that we saw was Die Fledermaus or sometimes called The Revenge of the Bat.  It is composed by Johann Strauss II.

The performance was done in english with close captions on a screen in front of every seat.


During Act II or a Masquerade Ball…Ira Kaye had brought masks for the four of us to wear.

Prior to the performance we enjoyed wine and cheese and savory meats…outside the Theatre…in the midst of the magnificent splendor of New Mexico!

IMG_3713IMG_3718Ira Kaye…even brought along a white table cloth and wine glasses…to make our Opera Experience Complete!


The Santa Fe Opera Experience was thrilling and one that requires another visit!

IMG_3723IMG_3747When the opening score began…I was amazed that I had heard it many times before…on Looney Toons Cartoons.


4 responses

  1. It is a pretty wonderful experience isn’t it!

    1. Yes, indeed! 😉🎭

  2. Lovely read! Hmm Phantom of the Opera or Batman! Looking good☺

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