Southern Illinois University…Is Ready for Success!

I noticed that there is a different car in the Chancellor’s parking space that is next to Anthony Hall.

I think that I must be a simple man…but when I see the New Chancellor’s Vehicle in his parking space…I am reminded of some of the great Chancellors that I have known and worked with over the past, almost forty years.

As I walk our beautiful Campus…I can feel the electric expectancy of the renewal and revival of SIU Carbondale!

I have been following the Tweets of New Chancellor Montemagno.  His excitement about joining the SIU Community…is palpable!

IMG_2748 3Let me tell you of my experience at SIU.

I began working in Building Services as  BSW I in 1978…still 20 years old…for three more weeks.

I knew no one at the University and had no college education.

Immediately, I was welcomed into the department and encouraged to seek promotion and to begin taking University Courses.

I was mentored by some outstanding Professors, such as Dr. Carol Burns and Dr. Jo Ann  Agersinger.

Dr. Burns told me that I had the ability to study for and become anything that I desired.  Such words…had never been spoken to me in my life!

IMG_3859For many years, in Building Services, we had an annual Thanksgiving Dinner for our over two hundred student workers, the feeling…was of close family.

Chancellor Argersinger, wrote a letter of recommendation for me once…where she said that I…’Had built a house for all people.’  I was humbled and honored by her kind words…and thought…that this was indeed what I was attempting to do…because SIU had been so welcoming to me!

IMG_3534 2SIU is much more than bricks and mortar…it is friends for a lifetime…it is love…it is family!

IMG_3560 2A Place where if you have the will…SIU has the way to success!

IMG_2794I was reared in a small Southern Illinois Community…that had little diversity.  When I came to Southern…I learned of the richness and intricate beauty of people from all over the world.

A student employee from Africa told me, in my early days, that the international students loved to work with me…because that I had no prejudice.  SIU opened those doors to the experience of international fellowship and understanding…this is probably the greatest gift I received during my time with the University!

When the African student gave me this lovely compliment…I was honored that he would call me…his friend.

IMG_3888There is a Great Banner that is prominently displayed over every entrance to Southern Illinois University…that you may not see with your eyes…but will immediately feel with your heart…OPPORTUNITY!

IMG_1691IMG_0478 3IMG_2729

3 responses

  1. You have been very blessed to be loved by your mentors and friends at work….Whenever I read your posts of campus it brings back my own days at UO. Thanks! You really loved your job and not many would say the same, like me…awful lords ha ha!

    1. Thank you my friend! I did have a lovely career at SIU, and many great friends. 🌞

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