‘Harvey, the storm that swept into Texas as a Category 4 hurricane over the weekend, continued its relentless devastation in Houston on Monday as catastrophic flooding forced evacuations and emergency responders asked the public to donate their boats to aid in high-water rescues.’   New York Times


Harvey, has thus far dumped rain on Houston and surrounding areas at unprecedented levels.

‘Through early Monday afternoon, parts of the southeast Texas have received more than 30 inches of rain since Thursday evening.  The top rainfall total is 39.72 inches near Dayton, Texas, which is located well northeast of Houston.’   Weather.com


Harvey has been the cause of what has been referred to as an 800 year flood.  It is forecast that over fifty inches of rain will fall before the conclusion of this terrible event.


‘Here are the latest rainfall totals through 9 a.m. CDT Monday, all in Texas unless otherwise specified:

39.72 inches near Dayton

34.90 inches near Waller

30.32 inches near South Houston

29.17 inches near Richmond

25.66 at Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport

25.16 inches in Sugarland

24.47 at Houston Hobby Airport

21.88 inches in Smithville

13.92 inches in College Station

10.41 inches in Galveston

9.65 inches south-southwest of Lake Charles, Louisiana

9.37 inches near Victoria

7.96 inches at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

3.82 inches near Corpus Christi’

The Weather Channel


Note: Open access photos.

Thus far, at least eight people are reported dead.

Two thousand people have been rescued and more than thirty thousand people have been displaced from their homes.

Good Samaritan rescues are at very high numbers and the Governor of Texas has called out all twelve thousand of their National Guard.

‘We have not seen an event like this , ‘William Brock Long, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency,

said Monday morning at a news briefing, ‘You could not draw this forecast up.  You could not dream this forecast up.’   Washington Post.com

I have a former classmate that lives in Texas.  He has been giving Facebook updates on a regular basis.  So far, he and his family are doing well…and I am so glad to hear it.

But, I wonder…as I have during many natural disasters…are we really prepared for what is coming our way?

We work for a lifetime, accumulating physical treasures and mementos of our life’s journey…that can be obliterated in a moment.

Truly the health and welfare of our fellow travelers on this bumpy road of life…is all that matters.



6 responses

  1. So sad, seems that natural disaster will go on to hit the world. I do pray for all of us. I hope you are fine and in safe. Thanks and Love, nia

    1. Yes. Truly, natural disasters continue to strike us. We are fine and thank you, much, for your concern. 🌞

  2. Praying for you and your loved ones. I’m thankful my friends and family over there are ok. They can’t leave their homes but luckily it isn’t flooded inside.

    1. Thank you my friend. We are all praying for the best possible outcome and the sparing of life. 🙏🏻

  3. I pray for the safety of Texans. May the storm quell and things return to normal😇Sending them angels to take them to safety.

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