Students – The Joy and the Purpose of SIU

Each Fall Semester I take renewed encouragement when I see our wonderful students begin, or return to, their journey on the road of Higher Education.

Indeed Southern Illinois University…awakens from it’s rest and comes alive with the vibrancy and excitement of it’s eager and academically curious students!

IMG_5133I can recall the first University course that my buddy, Steve, and I took, through the old, Adult Education Program housed at Washington Square, entitled Introduction to Computers…in 1980.

I was excited to learn about Eniac, which was a computer that filled a large room, and the Professor encouraged me and gave me an A grade at the conclusion of the semester.

Steve and I went on to take several computer programing courses…which entailed using punch cards that were read by a card reader that constituted the computer program that you were trying to compose.

IMG_5138I remember how enthused that I was to be working at such a wonderful University and also having the opportunity to receive a college education!

IMG_5153SIU is extremely proud of it’s outreach to first generation college students.  This is an elite institution that works and lives where it is planted…and thus has a true outreach to the children of Southern Illinoisans…who might not have had the offer and the gift of a first class higher education.

IMG_5132It was the dream of, former President Delyte Morris, to reach out to the hamlets and villages of Southern Illinois…while at the same time offering a University for the World.

IMG_1533Featured Image -- 1908

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