A Vision for the Future

‘Resources do not define your vision or define your ultimate goals – they establish a framework for the path that you have to travel.  But they don’t define who we are as an institution,’  Montemagno said.  ‘My vision is that we establish SIUC as a destination institution – that people from across the country and around the world know us and want to come here because of the quality of the educational experience the students get.’   Daily Egyptian


New SIUC Chancellor Montemagno recognizes an opportunity that is currently not being used, that of community involvement.


I like what the New Chancellor says about resources not defining who we are!

Resources, certainly did not define the SIU Normal College that Delyte Morris came to, as the New President, in 1948.

IMG_2610 3

Dr. Morris grew the small Teacher’s College into an International Carnage II institution that had a satellite campus in Edwardsville, Illinois and a Medical School in Springfield, Illinois and a Law School on the Carbondale Campus.

If…Resources…had frightened President Morris…he would have never come to Southern Illinois.


Indeed, the success of the entire Southern Illinois Region is tied directly to the success of SIUC.

‘Shared governance is power,’  Montemagno said.   Daily Egyptian

Truly, if our Chancellor believes in shared governance…he has discovered the key to the revitalization and renewal of the Jewel of Little Egypt!


Former President, Delyte Morris, was a great proponent of both community involvement and shared governance…and he built a major research university in the midst of farm land and coal fields.


The framework, or bones, of SIUC are in excellent condition.


The fervent desire of the University Community…is to participate in the Renaissance of our world class University.


The Region desperately wants to partner in the strengthening of SIU…and the subsequent educational and economic progress of the most beautiful geography of the Land of Lincoln.IMG_2151 2



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