Fun at the Old Ballpark

IMG_5211Last evening we were privileged to see the Southern Illinois Miners play the Grizzlies.  This was a great and relaxing experience and we had some outstanding seats…courtesy of Aaron.

IMG_5216This was the next to the last game of the season.  I heard the announcer state that the Miner’s Manager, Mike Pinto, was in his eleventh season, and so I believe that the Ballpark must have first opened about 2007.

The Miners are the winningest team in their league.

IMG_5224During the first years of the Team…we attended several of their home games.  I was reminded, last night, how relaxing and enjoyable a Miner’s Game can be.


We met Jonathon’s former colleague, Liz, and what a delight she was!  Jonathon spoke to me, almost daily, about how much of an interest that Liz took in him and what a pleasure she was to work with, when he began at SIU Key Control.

IMG_5266Liz took the above picture of the Brooks…and literally made our evening!

I was Wiener Wednesday…or Hot Dogs for $1.  We took advantage of the offer!


All it takes is a night out at the Ballpark…to bring out the Kid in all of us.




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