Fall in Love Every New Day

Please enjoy this great blog by my son, Jonathon.


Having hobbies helps to make the experience of life so much more fun. A man who has hobbies never gets bored. A secret to having a highly joyful life is to fall in love every five seconds. Fall in love with music, books, sports, games, writing, taking pictures, being a good friend, building collections of all sorts (stamps, movie stubs, buttons, birthday cards), fancy coffee drinks, laughter, great conversations, the work you do to help make a living, and on and on and on. Insert your favorite hobbies here!

As a boy I loved Nintendo video games, playing with my Boston Terrier dogs and hanging out with my small circle of friends. I was flooded with life and enthusiasm. Trips to my grandparents homes were always something to look forward to. Movies out with my family were great fun. My favorite pastime was laughing, making others laugh, and smiling.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this BJ – your son has written a nice piece.

    1. Thank you my friend. 😊

      1. New gravatar of the eclipse! Awesome and mystical😉

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