A Natural Laboratory of Higher Education

IMG_5738I walked around Campus Lake, today, on the Campus of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

I am still amazed and awestruck…by the natural beauty and wildlife that can be found on the Campus.

IMG_5744I began walking the Campus Lake Path in 1986…or thirty one years ago.  In 86′ I made it around the Path in 36 minutes…now it is nearly an hour for this 60 year old.

Although, since my retirement…I stop and take several photographs.

SIU has been historically renowned for its’ natural beauty.  I can personally attest that I have visited every university campus in Illinois…and SIU is the most beautiful…but…I am somewhat biased.

IMG_5772As the years have gone by, so very quickly, I have learned that nature is a great calming influence…a peaceful interlude…and a healing presence.

IMG_5746Former University President, Delyte Morris, brought trees from around the world to the SIU Campus.  His appreciation of the gift of nature has made the Carbondale Campus…a unique combination of the classroom and the natural environment.

IMG_5748SIU has had a constant appeal to students from urban settings.  The contrast from the hustle and bustle of their homes in the cities…and the idyllic songs of our Campus’ natural environment…is compelling.

IMG_5804In today’s world…we are never out of touch…or truly off duty…or enjoying a movie at the cinema on the weekend.  Email and texting and Facebook and cell phones…have…indeed…kept us in touch…24/7…and we are exhausted and emotionally spent.

IMG_5800How about…unplugging for awhile?  Why not study Philosophy…and then take time to ponder what you have studied…in the midst of the Earth’s wonders?

IMG_5825So often, we are told from our childhood…that we must study hard to obtain a good paying job to ascend the corporate or education ladder to be all that we can be.

But, there is life…and relationships…and children…and love and illness and sorrow and happiness and suffering and faith and doubt…and the lessons that nature can give us.


2 responses

  1. Beautiful tour as always and I love the one with Bambi – so cute and wandering about freely LOL!

    1. Thank you so much. 🦌

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