Las Vegas…What Now?

This past Sunday, a madman, murdered 58 people who were attending a Country Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Four hundreds and eighty nine people were injured, out of a crowd of over twenty two thousand that were attending the last night of the Festival.

‘Authorities say the 64-year-old gunman, Stephen Paddock, fired from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino at a crowd attending a music festival below.  When police entered his hotel room, they discovered Paddock had killed himself.’   CBS This Morning

This massacre has become the new…deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.

So, what is the answer?

Many of our political leaders have said…that we must pray for the families of the fallen…

Gun enthusiasts extol the virtue of the second amendment and our right to bear arms.

Many tell us that our right to bear arms…protects us from the evil and criminal…that will purchase guns regardless of what the law is.

‘According to the Congressional Research Service, there are roughly twice as many guns per capita in the United States as there were in 1968: more than 300 million guns in all.  Gun sales have increased in recent years.’   Guns in America, By the Numbers: NPR

I believe in the second amendment.

I own a few guns.

I have a FOID Card.

Imagine…you and your family…attending the Country Music Festival in Las Vegas.  Many of us love Country Music.

I can visualize; Mary Jane and Aaron and Jonathon and I…first hearing what sounds like firecrackers…and thinking that it must be part of the performance.

I can viscerally feel…what it must have been like…to witness…persons at your left and your right and in front of you and behind you…being shot…with a hail or rain of bullets from the sky…and the blood and the fear and the confusion.

I can see the fear in my wife’s eyes and my boys…and feel the terror…in my heart.

We must do something as a nation.

If guns make us safe…we should be the safest nation…on the Globe.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, says that there will, likely, be a vote on ‘bump stock’ after Las Vegas Shooting.

The ‘bump stock’ is used to convert a semi-automatic gun into an automatic gun…which are outlawed in the United States.

Australia has outlawed automatic and semi-automatic weapons since, ‘Martin Bryant went on a shooting spree in Tasmania and killed 35 people with a semi-automatic rifle.’   CNN

There have been no mass shootings in Australia…since this law was passed.

‘The lead guitarist of a country music band playing Route 91 Harvest festival, where a gunman murdered 58 people on Sunday night, has said the horrific experience of the attack has changed his views on gun laws in America.’

‘I’ve been a proponent of the [second] amendment my entire life, ‘Caleb Keeter posted on Twitter.  ‘Until the events of last night.  I cannot express how wrong, I was.’      The Guardian



9 responses

  1. Give up your guns. It is madness to allow people to keep firearms. I will never visit the USA, it simply isn’t safe. Give up your guns right now!

  2. Singapore has outlawed guns since the beginning of time. But because we are a small country it is easier managed than a large country like USA with so many states. It would be good to be gun free so that at least we have lesser incidents like these. I feel for those who died and those who survived. The trauma for the living and sorrow of the families of the decedents. It is a sad reminder of senseless killings really!

    1. The history of American citizens being allowed, to possess firearms, goes back to our Countries’ inception and is enshrined in the second amendment of our Constitution.

      However, the muskets and muzzleloaders, that were the guns at the time of the Constitutions’ creation, are much different than the semi automatic and automatic firearms of today.

      Hunting is very popular in rural areas and sport shooting, such as shooting clay birds or target shooting, are widely enjoyed in the U.S.

      People, often keep a handgun in their home, to protect their self in the event of someone breaking in.

      But, there is no practical reason to own the rapid fire guns…that were used against the poor victims in Las Vegas.

      Often, criminals that are in possession of these terrible weapons of destruction have greater fire power than law enforcement.

      Automatic firearms are already against the law and semi-automatic weapons should be also.

      1. Thanks for explaining the history of guns. Agree that the laws back then did not think of these high end guns of today. I hope no more such madness. Stay safe please. Have a good weekend ahead.

      2. You as well, my friend. 🙂

  3. Gun control/regulation is not about the 2nd amendment. That is the propaganda fostered by the NRA. Keep guns, but do we really need semi-automatic/automatic guns, and scopes, and 200 guns each to be safe, or to hunt?

  4. Many hunters in France own rifles for that activity. Semi-automatic weapons are not allowed. Funnily enough, I read that at least one of the guns the terrorists used to shoot down concert-goers in Paris in November 2015 came from…Florida.

    1. Yes, rifles….but not semi-automatics or automatic firearms. Semi-automatic weapons were against the law, for several years, in the U.S.

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