Happy Deer at SIU

I  was able to shoot several close-ups of Deer…right on the SIU Campus…behind the Student Center.



I often ponder…what a privilege it is to be so close to deer and other wildlife…and their seeming acceptance of me as part of their ecosystem?


I think that the happiness of human life is in direct proportion to the happiness of wildlife and nature.

‘Ashes to ashes…dust to dust.’

7 responses

    1. Thank you, very much, for the reblog. 🍁🦌🍂

  1. There is always something magical about Bambi (deers) and Sparky (As Scifihammy would address squirrels) and I do love seeing them in the gardens. Alas only in Singapore we see squirrels. The day I ever see a deer walking our roads would probably mean I have departed to the fantasy world or heavenly realm LOL! Lovely share BJ and thanks for always showing us SIU’s beauty!

    1. My pleasure, my friend. 🦌

  2. I feel the same way when I am lucky enough to get close to wildlife. It truly is a privilege to see nature and wildlife so close.

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