Old Friends…Are the Best!

I had coffee with my friend of many years, Jim, this afternoon.

As we chatted, I was reminded of the many enjoyable times that we have had together.

We go back 20 years.  But it seems like yesterday.


Several years ago, when my step-father passed away, I and my family were greeting visitors at his wake…when who do I see but Jim and Laura…who had driven over fifty miles…to pay their respects.

Friends are there for you…when the ‘chips are down.’

Jim and Laura and Jamie and Sarah and Leah and Greg…are one of the most loving and engaging families that it has been my pleasure to know.

The day that I retired…Jim invited Mary Jane and I to his house…and I could not think of a more wonderful place to enjoy what was a major event in my life.

Friends are those people that want to be with you…when you can do nothing for them…but enjoy their company and fellowship.

That is Jim and Laura!

I remember a holiday visit where Wally and his wife and daughter were with us at Jim and Laura’s   and our son Aaron…and it was an extremely happy and joyful visit…with Wally and his daughter singing and Mary Jane and I enjoying the melody.


Some time back…Jim and I would enjoy a glass or two of Christmas Wine together…and it helped make the Season Special.


Jim and Laura’s home…for Christmas…is like a Norman Rockwell Painting.  They do Christmas right!


I watched Jim take his Mother into his home when she became ill…and build a wing on his house for her…and love and care for her.

Jim asked me to be a pallbearer at his Mother’s funeral…and I was deeply honored.

I have witnessed Jim do so many things for the University…in a quiet and un-assuming manner.

He is a friend of Chancellors and Presidents…and I am proud to call him my friend.



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