My Life-Long Friend…Jeff

My friend of 45 + years, Jeff Lestz, has a feature article in the London Business Journal entitled, ‘The Journey of Jeff Lestz From Homeless Orphan To Millionaire CEO of Genistar.’


I met Jeff in 1971 when he was living in a hippie commune that was off the Royalton Blacktop near Elkville, Illinois.

I was attending a little church in Elkville that was welcoming to the hippie community and had recently seen an influx of 40 or more hippies, mostly from the Chicago area.

Jeff, who is Jewish, as many of the hippies were, came from Chicago, where he had been homeless and and orphan and institutionalized for a time.

Jeff, had lost both his father and mother , tragically, and had not known…for some time…anyone that loved or cared for him.

As we became good friends, I noted that he had a sweet spirit and a great desire to serve his fellow man.

Jeff spent time in my home…when he and I were still in high school and he enjoyed my mom’s colloquial sayings.

I spent time in his foster home with his foster father Michael.

I remember when he began dating his wife, of over 40 years, Margo.

Margo, is one of the most lovely and sweet people that I have ever met.

I recall when Jeff began to sell insurance for Metropolitan Insurance Company.

He tired to get me a job there…but they did not like my attire.

I have witnessed Jeff Lestz help countless thousands of people to achieve financial freedom.


You may recall that the Blues Brothers said, ‘ That they were on a mission from God?’

Jeff, truly is on a mission from God!

A little over a year ago, in Leeds, England, I was privileged to visit with a group of prospective sales associates…for Genistar…Jeff’s company.

There were numerous ethnicities represented in the eager audience.

Before the meeting began, Jeff spoke with each person…individually.  His brilliant smile and open and inclusive manner was engaging.

Jeff has the unique gift of projecting to those that he is speaking with…that they can achieve the same success that he has…if they are willing to perform the hard work that is necessary to do so.

The visit was exciting…what Jeff said to the audience was inspiring…it was a a Horatio Algier Moment!


When I stayed at the Hippie Commune….in Elkville…in 1972…Jeff and his foster father Michael showed me where to shower…and it was a makeshift shower in a corn field…that was gravity fed from a wash tub that was on top of the structure…and there was no curtain.

They assured me that there was no problem…as long as the corn had not been harvested.

To, today, where Jeff is an international speaker on christian financial freedom and christian principles of money management.

My life long friend..Jell Lestz…who Mary Jane and I have visited numerous times in Europe…and hope to again…soon!DSCN4556

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  1. I hope you visit Europe again soon too! 🙂

    1. Thank you, my friend! 🌞

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