What is Real News?

For well over a year we have been hearing the term, ‘Fake News’, this term is, by and large, coined or made popular by our President.


I encountered an old friend and former colleague, the other day, and she told me that, ‘ times were getting so bad…that the Lord was going to have to do something soon.’

She went on to say that, ‘poor old Trump is sure taking a beating.’

Also, that, ‘she had, had enough of Bill and Hillary…the eight years that they were in office.’

Now, without a doubt, our country is as divided as I have seen it in my lifetime.

Also, Hillary is old news…she did not win the presidency.

‘The former CNN news commentator and the interim chair for the Democratic Party, Donna Brazile…has said that the Democratic Primary was rigged against Senator Bernie Sanders in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

I do not doubt it.

I do know that news, that is based on verifiable facts, is not fake news.


When I was growing-up in the 1960’s the Nightly News with Walter Cronkite was exclusively focused on facts…or what is called hard news.

News commentary had a small place in the news of my youth…but was clearly titled as such…and there was no confusion.

Today, and for many years, Americans consume their news from the news agency that most agrees with their political or social beliefs.

The information that we receive from either a liberal or a conservative news outlet…is not the last word on verifiable fact.

Real news is news that can be verified by research and can be supported by two or more verifiable sources.

When our President tells us that all news outlets are fake news…other than the one that agree with him…is that all the proof that you need?

If our minister or spiritual leader informs us who is God’s choice…to lead our Nation…is that good enough?


When someone tells you that you are mis-informed…if you are not liberal…why?

Facts…science….verifiable empirical data…is vital to our continued existence on this planet.

It is extremely important to analyze what another is telling you and determine for yourself if it stands up to…a fact check.

On the old Dragnet television show, Jack Webb who played Sargent Joe Friday, would regularly tell a witness to a crime, ‘Just the facts..’

Our glaciers are rapidly melting.

Gun violence, in our country,…is at epidemic proportions.

Our dedication to a political party over respect for our fellow humans is unconscionable.

A massive tax cut that primarily rewards the rich in our country…while promising an extra hundred dollars per month to the middle class…is not a Christmas present.

Trickel Down Economics did not work under former President Reagan, who I voted for, and it will not work now.

Do you really believe that CEO’s and the movers and shakers of the Business Community are going to take their tax break money and reinvest it into American workers?  Will they suddenly leave the profoundly cheaper labor of; China and India and Vietnam, for the much more expensive labor of America…or will they simply bank the money or increase their stock holders dividend shares?

This massive reinvestment of Bail Out money that occurred in both the Bush and Obama administrations…after the Great Recession of 2008…certainly was not passed down to Main Street…but rather became ensconced on Wall Street.

My early years were spent in a fundamentalist church.

Fundamentalist had moral standards…that they swore to…and that they expected in a presidential candidate.

I was saddened when former President Clinton was a participant in the Monica Lewinsky affair.

I am outraged at the numerous accusations that are coming forward, daily, toward many actors and power brokers…in Hollywood.

When I was, quite, a young…I heard a friend of my stepfather…speak in a sexually harassing manner to my mother…I have never forgotten the sickness in the pit of my stomach…that I felt…when this occurred.

No woman, or man, should have to undergo verbal or physical sexual harassment by a more powerful figure in the hierarchy that they work in.

So, let the facts take us where they lead.

Gut feelings…are not worth much.

I heard a prominent newscaster say that, ‘Obama made a chill run down his leg,’ when referring to the emotional inspiration that he experienced…during former President Obama’s first candidacy for the Presidency.

President Kennedy, a hero of mine, nevertheless, is judged more by…what might have been…than by what he accomplished.

Former President Nixon was a brilliant man.

He wrote one of my favorite books, Leaders, and it contained more insight regarding foreign policy…than I had ever read.

President Nixon…was forced to resign…rather than be impeached…for lying about a third rate burglary in the Watergate Hotel.

Senator Jeff Flake is a profile in courage.


He has sounded an alarm…much as the canary in the coal mine would signal when the livable oxygen has run out…before you soon die of asphyxiation.

Senator John McCain…is a war hero.

Senator McCain is giving a warning, in his twilight days, of the dissolution of the American Dream.


Senator Bob Corker is speaking what many Senators are thinking…privately.

I am almost 50/50 in my votes for republicans and democrats.

I, as I know we all want, to have responsible leadership that includes all members of the human family…and not just those who are like me.


5 responses

  1. “When I was growing-up in the 1960’s the Nightly News with Walter Cronkite was exclusively focused on facts…or what is called hard news.”
    We need Walter!

  2. I, very much agree, my friend!

  3. We too are getting fake news from social media. For eg a source in US said that our Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister collapsed at a UN convention he was addressing! It was not true and this Minister quickly countered it in Facebook and uploaded a video clip of self completing his delivery at the UN. With social media it makes everyone and anyone a “reporter” . Yes I heard of Walter Kronkrite and Dan Rather. Even lil red dot is not spared in fake news!

    1. Social media has brought much additional fake news and often it is difficult to tell the difference from real news.

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