The Joy of Vinyl

Jonathon and Aaron and I enjoyed some beer at our favorite watering hole.


I have been there so many Saturdays, of late, that the bartender said to me, ‘Dragon’s Milk,’ and I responded in the affirmative.

I do not drink many…but I throughly enjoy the ones that I drink!

I am certain that what I enjoy, much more than the milk of the dragon, is the fellowship with my two, of my three, favorite people in the world…my sons!


I have noticed, over the last several Saturdays, that there is an old couple, about my age, that sits across from us.

Today, the bartender told us that the couple that I have observed, each Saturday, are regulars on Saturday.

I have referenced, before, my new, portable record player, and my growing collection of vinyl LP’s.

Today, Jonathon and I, made our way to Plaza Records, who were having a Mega-Sale.

Each time that I purchase an, old time, vinyl record, I am taken back to my youth when I was a member of the Columbia Record Club.

When I was a member of the Record of the Month Club…I purchased everything from Andy Williams to Boots Randolph, I played the Tenor Saxophone when I was in sixth grade, to Dianna Ross and the Supremes.

I bought my first Long Playing Album in Evansville, Indiana…and it was Good Times…with Sonny and Cher singing.

Today, I obtained; Muddy Waters and Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin and a Christmas Album.

They were gently used and on sale.

The enjoyment of taking the vinyl album out of it’s paper sleeve and placing it on the turntable then…gently applying the needle to the first groove on the disc…is the 1960’s all over again.


There is something calming…and a slower pace…and reminiscent of a less complicated time…that Vinyl gives to the listener.

We are all seeking a calm and more measured and more peaceful approach to the frenetic pace of our daily lives.

We desire a surety…and a reliability and a pleasant memory…that can be saved and perhaps relived.


The slow pace of the 33 an 1/3 Long Play Album…is a good place to start.

There is a comfort in the familiarity of a bar, ‘where everybody knows your name,’…if your know your limits.

Tradition adds meaning to our lives, that so rapidly pass…as the ‘weaver’s shuttle,’ and it is good to remind ourselves, daily, why we are here and where we have come from and where we are going.

‘Everyone in this world is somehow connected.  So why not just be nice to everybody.’   Richard Simmons


‘It’d be nice to be what they call a Renaissance man.’    George Takei


4 responses

  1. A lovely homey piece BJ! Lovely to be drinking with your sons and friends. By the way what is “Dragon’s Milk” – an alcoholic cocktail?

    1. Thank you, my friend. Dragon’s Milk is the name of a beer 🍺🐉🥛

      1. Aah…interesting term…I will try using that in my lil red dot and see if they have it in our pubs or restaurants ha ha. They have brands like Tiger, Carlsberg, Stella Artois, Heneiken and Tsing Tao etc…I must see if they have Dragon’s Milk. Thanks for sharing. I learnt something new from you.

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