A Year Ago

I just finished a documentary on Netflix entitled, ’11-8-16.’

In three days…it will be one year since Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States.


I recall having dinner with our good friends, and solid Democrats, a year ago, and their assurance that Trump could not possibly win the Presidency.

During that, enjoyable dinner, I was the lone voice that asserted that Donald Trump could win.

My friend assured me that the ‘Blue Wall’ would prevent him from doing so.

The ‘Blue Wall’ was breached.

There are numerous reasons why we have a President Trump..but the documentary, 11-8-16, covers several very clearly.

For instance, coal mining communities, in Virginia and Kentucky and Southern Illinois…have been devastated by the economic downturn in the need for coal.

I grew up in Eldorado, Illinois…and coal mines are what built the town.  At one time the little town of Eldorado had three movie theaters and was a booming rural town.

When I graduated from high school, in 1975, my aspiration was to become a coal miner, as that was a job that had a good salary and benefits.

My little town did not have a lot of opportunities.

Today, Eldorado, has turned into an Antique Store Meca…as many rural communities have been forced to turn to Antique sales…do the lack of real economic opportunity.


Politicians, from both parties, have lied to us.

They have assured us that they cared for the poor of the land and the middle class…and soon after taking office…have ignored us…until the next election.

There is a profound disenchantment with our politicians, from both parties, due to their habitual lack of even attempting to fulfill their election promises.

And, so, the forgotten of the land…and the disenfranchised and the poor and the needy and those who had no hope….voted for Donald Trump.

The American people were so disillusioned that they voted for someone who blatantly lied to them about his concern for the middle class and the poor and the forgotten…because they had been lied to…so many times before.

President Trump’s history did not illustrate any examples of his care for the middle class…or his empathy with the working people of America…but rather clearly showed the opposite.

Yet, the mist and the fog was just to great…in the trust factor…


for Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

During my lifetime our Country has lauded and applauded the economic success stories of our land.

Money, equals power and prestige and voice in the critical decisions that comprise our government.

Even, on our current Board of Trustees for Southern Illinois University…economic success is the primary criteria in the selection of who sit’s on the Board.

Now, it does not take much examination to concur that most academic scholars…are not rich.

Capitalism drives politics.


Humanitarians are not the first choice for political leaders.

Bigotry and Misogyny and Xenophobia are on display in the current administration…and many who voted for our current President…are not of these awful proclivities.


They, are, however, beyond despair…with the multitude of lies…and broken promises…and forgotten dreams…that have been assured them by both political parties.

You know, we see the world, from where we live.

If I have been treated in a biased and prejudicial manner…I see the world as biased and prejudiced.

If I have never know anything but economic depravation…I perceive the world as a hard and extremely difficult place to survive.

If I am told that I am not the right color…or the accepted religion…or have the preferred economic status…or the correct education…I see the multitude of doors that are being shut in my face…and I look for an alternate leader…or an obscure political philosophy…that explains my situation.



2 responses

  1. It is a sorry state of affairs indeed as a land so big, endowed with natural resources but riddled with lack lustre management. I do wish America all the best and that the days ahead will see better economic growth and increment in jobs.

  2. Thank you, my friend.

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