My Great Brother and Sister in Law!

We just had another outstanding visit with Brock and Marcy!

IMG_6602Each time that we are together I can not help but feel like we have always known each other.

Of course, for those of you that do not know the story…we first met Marcy and Brock in August of 2016 at the Marriott Airport Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our Dad, and my mother, divorced when I was six years old.  I grew up an only child.

To have the blessing of Brock as my brother and his wonderful wife Marcy and their two outstanding children, Jeb and Jamie…is a special gift in my, now, golden years.

IMG_6584We traveled to John A. Logan College for their annual Craft Fair.  IMG_6668Brock purchased this most excellent pen for my sixtieth birthday.

IMG_6675I like the skull…so much…and it feels so appropriate for my Big 60.

Every time I am with my brother, Brock, I see new similarities that we share…and this time I could not help but notice the familial resemblance between he and my son Aaron.

IMG_6578Jonathon told me that when he went to bed, last night, that he had left Uncle Brock in the basement recliner..and that when he got up this morning…there was Brock in the recliner…and that we brothers had another similar like…that of the basement recliner.

Every time that I talk with Marcy…I want to refer to her as my sister…as she is such a lovely person and so considerate.

IMG_6612As we were traveling through the Craft Fair, a gentleman told Brock and I that he loved our hats…I responded that we were brothers…and he said that he thought so!

IMG_6644Have your ever known someone that you not only felt like that your had lived with your entire life…but also that you wanted to be around…all of the time?

That is Brock and Marcy!


2 responses

  1. wow..60…. u just don’t look the part…Belated happy bday…

    1. Thank you, my friend. 😉

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