Objectifying Women…Harassment…Misogyny

During the past few weeks we have witnessed, almost daily, new accusations of sexual harassment and rape…coming forward from many women…regarding powerful men in both the entertainment and political realms.

The Twitter and Facebook title, #Me Too, identifies women who have been sexual harassed, often many years ago.


I think that the sexual harassment of women begins with objectifying them.

To believe that a person…a fellow human being…exists for your personal gratification…is to de-humanize the person being harassed.


I would ask, a sexual harasser, how would you feel if another human being required you to undress and then subject you to their physical gratification…as the price you had to pay for a job…a carer advancement…the ability to continue to work and support your family…and the power broker who is abusing you…only sees you as a object of sexual pleasure?


To extrapolate on that idea further.  What if your education and your work experience and your good ideas that would benefit the organization…were simply not considered…until you de-humanize yourself and subject yourself to being treated as an inanimate object…devoid of feeling…other than the perverted abusers projected fantasies?

Men…what if you were being abused…as the price of admission to the workplace…or the continuation thereof…and you have illness in your family and your are battling debt of depression or your own devastating medical diagnosis…and the person who has power over your future…sees you as having the value of a piece of furniture?

How would sexual harassment and misogyny be if you were; ‘darling’ or ‘honey’ or your worth portrayed by a ‘wolf whistle?’

Would that be alright?

Would you feel complimented if women…looked you up one side and down the other and mentally undressed you with their eyes?

Would you feel empowered?

Would you be at the ready for love making…when it was required for you…to have money for the light bill and the mortgage and some groceries?

How would you feel if you had the required work experience and the required education and you had demonstrated flawless dedication to your chosen profession…and you saw a man get the job that had less work experience and less education and virtually no dedication to the profession…but he was friends with the boss…and they golfed together…and he was a good old boy…’a hale fellow…well met?’


My Mom raised me.

I witnessed men speak to her in a harassing fashion.

Before I retired as Superintendent of Building Services at Southern Illinois University, I had promoted five women to the highest rank, other than management, in our organization.  There were eight of these positions and five of them were filled by extremely qualified women.

When I retired…I recommended two of the five women, that were on my staff, to be promoted to the Superintendent and Custodial Supervisor of the organization.

These are the two management, and the highest positions in the organization.

I applauded the women that have had the courage to identify their harassers.

The veil of darkness that has covered these powerful men’s misogyny…is being lifted.


It is not alright for our most powerful leader to get a pass…or ‘he was better than the alternative,’ when he bragged about his ability, due to being a celebrity, of being able to sexually harass women!

It is not alright for one of the preeminent actors of our time and a two time Academy Award Winner, to be allowed to sexually harass and abuse countless young men…we can not look the other way!

It is not alright to look the other way and say that he is better than the Democrat… for a Senatorial Candidate who several young women…including two who were under age at the time of the accusation…and who the Candidate admits to knowing the, slightly, of age girls…but not the underage girls… and he retorts…’that he usually got their mother’s permission to date them when he was an Assistant District Attorney in Alabama and the girls in question…were in High School.

It is not alright to bring forward the analogy…that Joseph was older than Mary…and she was the mother of Jesus!



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