Practice Happiness and Look Up

Please enjoy another great Blog Post by, my son, Jonathon.


I’ve heard it said before that a person who’s determined to be happy will be happy and a person who’s made up their mind to be miserable will be miserable. Is happiness and misery really this simple? Are there not greater factors at play than an optimistic or pessimistic worldview? Where does the optimism and pessimism originate? Then where does the human will factor into the equation? What about the perseverance of a saintly woman or goodhearted man? Are pride and humility engaged in a vicious battle to the death? I believe all of the answers to these questions play their roles in the facial features of the smiling man and the scowling man.

I made up my mind to follow Christ when I was a man of age 18. The choice to follow Jesus was like attending my own funeral. Misery attempted to make a permanent home in my…

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2 responses

  1. Cool and nice that your son blogs too!

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🌞

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