Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Today is my son’s birthday.  He is 36…and I am so proud of him.


Thirty-six years ago today…Aaron’s Mom and Dad…were excited beyond belief!

I fed him his first bottle and he had on a little blue hat.

When Aaron was very young, his Mom was at work, and I was with him at home.  I asked him if he could keep a secret…and he assured me that he could.  I then proceeded to tell him that Momie was going to receive a delivery of live flowers, that she loves, tomorrow…and that he must not tell her until they arrived.  He again assured me that our secret was safe with him.

That evening, while I was at work, Aaron asked his Mom if she liked live flowers.  She replied that indeed she did.  He then proceeded to tell her that tomorrow she was going to get a surprise!


The Nurse in charge of the Nursery at Memorial Hospital in Carbondale, Illinois said that he was a baby with a lot of character…she was so right!

There are so many things about Aaron that I like, it is difficult to name just a few.

He is a natural artist.

He is a photographer.

He is a leader of men and women and his maturity in handling problems and challenges that he encounters is something to behold.

IMG_2350 2

Aaron has faced requirements and hurdles in his employment that I do not think that I faced throughout my carer.

I see myself in Aaron…I see my Dad and his Grandfather in him…and I see the single-mindedness and practicality of his dear Mom and my sweet wife.


His uncle Brock and he…look like brothers.


When I was much younger I often heard men and women speak about their reliance, upon their grown children,  and the  support and encouragement  that they received from them…I now know what they were speaking of…when I look at my first born…#36…Aaron David Brooks.

And…it is a neat trick having a son that is 36…when you are only 42…yourself. 🙂

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