We are part of the Family

Jonathan and I just saw the movie, The Greatest Showman, and enjoyed it immensely!


This was a feel good movie with a message for our time.

The movie is an adaption of the life of the famous Circus founder, P.T. Barnum.

Barnum’s Circus was noted for its’ performers who were different or out of the ordinary.

General Tom Thumb was a dwarf.

There was the Bearded Lady.

There were giants and very the obese and Siamese Twins.

There were also people of color who performed alongside the others in an equal setting.

‘Being called different is like being called limited edition.  Meaning you’re something people don’t see that often.  Remember that.’   http://www.livelifehappy.com


‘I don’t set out to be Different, I set out to be ME…people think its’ different.’

There is a compelling compulsion to follow the crowd in social and religious and political and all facets of life.

I wore a necktie during the entirety of my 25 year career at SIU.

I hate neckties.

Our churches, often, attract people who look like and act like and come from similar life and economic situations.

We are born with no preconceived notions regarding race.

If we have prejudice or bias…we…first….were taught these concepts by our parents and our ‘Tribe.’


Children, gather on the playground or in the gym or in their cliques of people that they perceive are like them…and segregate other children who for a variety of reasons…do not make the cut.

It could be body image or ethnicity or clothing or religion…that places some children on the outside…looking in.

When will we realize that our diversity is our strength?

There is a terrible rationale to compare ourselves with others who are different than we are and to believe that we are better than them.

The predominate Value System we have, in our Country and across the world, is to measure a persons value and wisdom and leadership ability and worth…by the money they have been able to accumulate.

Rosa Parks was not rich…but she was courageous and she had a mighty effect on U.S. society.

Helen Keller, who was deaf and mute and blind…was wise and a teacher and a tremendous leader.

Mother Theresa lived among the poorest of the poor in India…and her ministry reached around the world…today she is a saint.

When we finally choose to open our eyes to the beautiful diversity and wonder of the entire human family…then we can solve any of our world’s problems and set at the same table to break bread and give thanks…for what God hath wrought.

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