Jonathon and I attended our friends’ funeral today.

John Q. was the type of person that you just enjoyed being around.  He had a wonderful sense of humor and he enjoyed people and he would be extremely honest with whoever he was speaking with.

John Q. was genuine!

Genuineness is magnetic.


I came away pondering a great thought regarding a person’s spiritual journey.

It is impossible to know of another human being’s spiritual journey.

One, good christian, may attend church every time the doors are open and give their money and serve on committees…and the spiritual journey of life…is lost upon them.


Another person may work hard and enjoy hunting and fishing and the camaraderie of their friends…and love people and treat them as they would like to be treated…and know the Creator in their heart and spirit…while their’ church may have been the woods and their pew a boat on the lake and their testimony…the love of many friends.


Pansy J. has passed from us.

Pansy was one of the kindest people that it was ever my privilege to know.

Pansy did so many wonderful things for those in need and we who crossed her path.

I remember Pansy being the President of the Civil Service Council, in my early years as a member of the group, and her words of encouragement to me as a new member.


I recall one instance, in particular, where a colleague was making, veiled, disparaging public remarks regarding me and my subsequent decision to resign from the Council rather than endure the untruths that the person was perpetuating.

My friend, Pansy, told me to not resign and that the Council needed me and that she needed me.

That was enough for me…and I stayed…and I am glad that I did.

Pansy has been battling illness for some time and periodically we emailed each other and she always told me that I was a special friend…I was humbled and honored.

Pansy and I both talked about how we came from a poor start in life and the blessings of God and SIU and our roads to some achievement.

When Pansy was in my corner…I knew that I was alright.

Have you ever known someone that was soft-spoken but powerful…and a person that used their power and influence for good and to mentor many others?  That was Pansy J.

Not goodbye, John and Pansy,  we will see you again.


8 responses

  1. Sorry for your loss BJ. Indeed true..not good bye but till we meet again is apt. 💕

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. May the Lord comfort you on all sides.

  3. When you have faith it is never truly goodbye, is it, but you can miss their presence and the smiles you shared. I have a good friend who has lost 2 sisters in the space of 3 months, BJay. They are a family of strong believers and this has helped, but still her heart is heavy.

    1. Loss, must be our biggest challenge in life. But hope helps soften the blow.

  4. So terribly sorry for the loss of your friends. God bless.

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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