Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

More often than not I have encountered leaders, both religious and political and academic, that have not been what they appear.

IMG_8205 4

I have observed churches that pronounce that to be close to God…is to be close to the pastor.  Many of these same churches are continually focused on money and more of it.

I have known poor people that have given almost their last dime to ministers, who’s extravagant life styles were many times grander than their congregants.

There are television evangelists that have, Lear Jets and multiple mansions, and preach to their donors that the jets and mansions are manifestations of God’s blessings on them and their ministry.

Many of the people that provide the ministers with their wealth…have difficulty heating their homes and paying for their prescription medications.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most famous motivational speakers and those who have the keys to your success, for just $99.95…to begin with and your ongoing financial support, are a testament to their success plan?  They continue to become more wealthy as their impoverished ‘success plan’ participants, have less resources due to the cost of the Success Plan?


Our politicians, who attest and swear with their hand on the Bible, that they are supporters of fiscal prudence and that we have to cut wasteful spending and that we must rid ourselves of Obamacare, have the finest of insurance plans provided for them and when the government shut down, recently, had no fear of loosing a day of pay…as their pay did not cease…while over eight hundred thousand federal workers did.

Political leaders will tell us that we must not raise the minimum wage as it will cause small business to lay off people and will drive up the costs of goods and services…while they receive annual pay increases and often enter Congress as middle class individuals and exit Congress as millionaires.


How is it that federal taxes persecute the wealthy and they are the ‘poor members’ of or our nation that need tax relief the worst?

The tax reductions, that almost everyone received, at some level, sunset in a few years…while the corporate tax reductions do not.

Why is it that we are so excited to receive a few dollars more on our paychecks…while Puerto Rico…is still suffering devastation and suffering that could be ameliorated, for the most part, if our Federal Government…cared…or if they would even be treated like citizens of the United States…which they are?


I have been a member of a University Community for 40 years.  During my over 32 year career and my 7 plus years of retirement…I have been associated with great leaders and I have also witnessed greed…in our Community.

IMG_8223 2

I am not speaking of any specific group of Campus Leaders but rather the demonstration of several to strive to milk all that they could from our great institution.

I have witnessed individuals that you could not pay enough for their dedication to SIU and I have seen others that took all they could…with both hands opened wide…and gave back…little.

If, the University, would focus…first…on those who would work for free…if they could…they would find the energy and the spark and dynamism to revitalize our great Campus.


Have you ever noticed that you soon know and recognize and appreciate a Leader who cares more about others…than they do themselves.

I worked at SIU for over 32 years…and I never asked for a raise…as I always felt that the University had done so much of me and been so good to me…that I could not repay it.

I still feel that way.  I continue to endeavor to find a way to give back to SIU…that gave me so much.  I have never been able to out give Southern Illinois University.

When will we realize that our ministers, if they are paid by the congregation, work for the congregation.

Ministers are human.

When will we realize that our elected politicians work for the citizens of the United States.

Politicians are human.


When will we realize that our academic leaders and the entire faculty and staff are paid for by a combination of, taxes and tuition and donations.

University Leaders, from the top of the University hierarchy to the bottom…are employees of the state and owe allegiance to the students who assist in paying their salary.


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