A Lion in the Crowd

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Bravery is a virtue. I believe a man doesn’t know how brave he can be until being brave is the only option left. During the boldest moments, or bravest, in my lifetime I was forced to think with my heart instead of my mind. These moments were never accomplished without nervousness, but they were successfully accomplished.

Have you ever noticed it’s hard to go against the crowd? When an unpopular child is being bullied in school by the majority it’s hard for a kid who thinks what’s happening is wrong to step up and say, “Leave my friend alone.” In teenage years when the crowd is getting drunk it’s hard to have a glass of water or a Coke while turning down underage alcohol. As an adult it’s difficult to resist this world’s temptations. Being a Christian is by far the most difficult job I’ve ever had.

The bravest thing…

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