Let Us Rise!

‘SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy took flight Tuesday and everything appears to be going seamlessly.’

‘Around 3:45 pm ET, the world’s most powerful rocket took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.’

‘SpaceX has shaken up the rocket industry by becoming the first company to successfully reuse rocket boosters in order to bring down the cost of spaceflight.  To do that, it guides the rockets back to Earth for a safe landing after their payloads toward orbit.’    CNN

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is headed for an orbit around the Sun and Mars that could continue for thousands of years.  In it’s nose is a Tesla automobile, that is manufactured by the business man, Elon Musk, as is the rocket created by Mr. Musk, who heads the company.

This successful launch is an illustration of the capabilities of our human family and is something to be celebrated.

I am often inspired by my friends, Elizabeth and Ryan, and their accomplishments at SIU.


Ryan is such a wonderful chap.  He performs a herculean amount of work, as a member of the Building Services’ Staff, and he does it in a quiet and professional manner…that is to be emulated.

Ryan’s wife, Elizabeth, has just raised $500.00 dollars for Special Olympics and she is going to perform the Polar Bear Plunge, in just a few days.

I have been involved in a lot of fundraising, during my career at SIU, and $500.00 is hard to raise!

The kind of, ‘Can Do Spirit’, that the Cheeks exemplify each day at Southern Illinois University is inspiring.

I saw my friend, of many years, George Sheffer, this afternoon at his former Hardware Store, Murdale True Value…now Murdale Ace Hardware.

George was one of the finest supporters of SIU…that I have ever know.

I have sat on committees of the President of the University and the Chancellor of SIU…and the name of George Sheffer was renowned and respected for his benevolence and support of his School.


During my career at the College…many times, George, reduced the price of vacuums for our organization in order to facilitate our purchase of them…on our limited budget.

As my Jewish friends would say…George Sheffer is a Mensch!


I like Southern Illinois University President, Randy Dunn, and find him, extremely easy to communicate with.

Dr. Dunn is widely respected, both at the University and through the State of Illinois.

My friend, Glenn Poshard, admired the work that Dr. Dunn was doing at Murray State University in Kentucky.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Dunn as our University President.  He has an accessibility and a naturalness of speaking that is rare in a University Administrator.


So, we can accomplish great things!

The innovative spirit of the American People is not dead…it is alive and well!

We are greater than our politics.


We are greater than our fears.


We are greater than our self doubts.

We are greater than our bias and our prejudices.


We are greater than any internal battle that we have…if we will rise up!




7 responses

  1. It was amazing to watch!

  2. We are indeed greater than our fears. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. My pleasure, my friend.

  3. Agreed! It’s been so nice to see this positive piece of news today. We can still be a kick-ass species 🙂

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