Happiness Is Geese in Your Pond

When the television show, The Sopranos, was on a few years ago, I was a fan.

You may recall, if you were a fan too, that a flock of ducks began using Tony’s Pool and it brought him great joy.

In the first episode, entitled Pilot, Tony is seen wading out into the pool with his robe on to offer the ducks some food.




For the past 24 hours we have been privileged to have a flock of geese take up residence in our pond.

IMG_8287I have been told, more than once, by well meaning souls…that I remind them of Tony Soprano.  Now I enjoyed the show immensely and it was one of my two favorites of all time…with the other being Seinfeld and the third place going to Lost.

However I am not at all sure that the likeness to ‘T’ is altogether a compliment.

IMG_8280I did show my good friend, Tom S., a photo of Al Capone, once, and when he asked me who the photo was of…I told him my Dad.

IMG_8285But, in any case, the arrival of the Goose Family has brought joy to my heart and another reaffirmation of the beauty and wonder of our world.

IMG_8292IMG_8297IMG_8294The Sopranos was on during some challenging years of my life…and it afforded great relief from the vagaries of being middle aged and the heartbreak of caring for my ailing mother…who suffered from Alzheimers Disease

Not long after we could no longer care for my mother…Mary Jane’s father passed away and she began caring for her mom on a regular basis.

We discovered that the care givers of an ill parent can become ill themselves and must keep an eye on the very real possibility of succumbing to the severe challenges of being a caregiver and the significant stress that caregivers undergo.

So, I like the geese and the balm that nature gives each of us, who are members of the human family,…for free.



4 responses

    1. Thank you, my friend. 👼🏻

  1. The wonderful thing about Tony was his hero-like humanity, all the more surprising for the job(s) he did. I think that being compared to him is a huge compliment!

    1. Yes, he was a compelling character. I shall enjoy the compliment. 🎭

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