‘A Lie Can Travel Half Way Around the World While the Truth is Putting on It’s Shoes.’

The above quote is often attributed to Mark Twain.  Many say that the attribution is a mis-attribution…although the truth of it is difficult to deny.

I am listening to the audio-book, Trumpocracy, by David Frum, who is a senior writer at the Atlantic and was a speechwriter for George W. Bush during 2001 and 2002.

David Frum is a Republican.

In his book, Trumpocracy, Mr. Frum enumerates the plethora of lies that president Trump utters on a daily basis.

The thesis of the treatise is the examination of how Donald Trump became president and who were the enablers that made his surprise ascendency happen.


For the length of my memory, the Republican Party, has been against Deficit Spending for our Federal Budget.

Yet the recent Republican Tax Cut will add more than a trillion dollars to the United States Budget Deficit…which is already at over 20 trillion dollars.

The most recent Federal Budget Proposal will add on 450 billions dollars more to the Deficit.  In the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans are in agreement on passing this Budget.

What happens if some of our creditors, like China, call in their loans to us?


Fundamentalist Christians have sworn on the tenets of personal holiness and moral purity.  My fundamentalist friends, of which I have several, have noted the moral failures of former President Clinton, and they have expounded that our country will never be blessed by God until we return to his moral standards…and that this is especially true for our countries leader.

Now, we have elected a president, who at last count had at least 19 women accusing him of sexual harassment and we have audio tape of his bragging regarding his ability to sexually assault women because he is a star and we have, most recently, a porn star who has been paid hush money to not disclose an affair that she and Mr. Trump had a year after he and, his wife Melania’s child, Barron, was born.

Fundamentalist Church Leaders attest that the president is; anointed by God, that they saw him sitting at God’s right hand, and that it is alright that he may not be moral as King David, of the Old Testament, was not either.


We look at our world’s problems and we hope to solve them…with the 30% of humanity that are like us.

We get our news, and of course ours is not the fake variety, from the news programs and the written periodicals that cater to our narrow interest and our tunnel vision view of truth and the reality that suits us.

I look at my favorite University and I see silos of people and narrow segments of faculty and staff that want the ‘truth’ of their own interests to be the ‘truth’ that prevails.

When will we seek the Truth…whatever it is…and support it and get behind it?

My Mom always told me that you can throw rocks at the sun…but the sun will still be there.


We can feel secure in our own realities and alternate dimensions and those that we gather around us that believe like we do and tell us how right that we are and embolden us to become more entrenched in our ideology.


Or, we can endeavor to support the fact based evidence and, what we for many years agreed…was the Truth, or we can continue to enjoy the Twilight Zone of Reality.


We can incessantly debate the reasons for SIU’s enrollment decline…or we can set about changing the fundamentals that will solve the problem that are fact based and that are proven to work.


We can continue to expostulate that former President Obama was not born in America and that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mis-handled her emails…or we can lay down our differences and choose to work together and we can ask that our president seek to be the president of all Americans and not just 30%






4 responses

  1. I guess a lifetime of rectitude in the building services leaves a man with some backbone, eh? You go, boy! 😊

    1. Thank you for the great words of encouragement! 😉

  2. Really interesting. Hitherto, I have felt slightly reticent about commenting on another country’s elected leader – and I must admit I don’t fully understand your system. But both Obama (who has style) and Trump (who doesn’t) have waded in on our patch – so… It surprises me that you ended up with a choice between what seemed to be two somewhat unsuitable candidates – though I can understand why someone like Trump would appeal to some people who felt marginalised by vested interests. Yet our choices, too, were uninspiring on the one hand and dangerous on the other; both probably incompetent. Despite having an established church, tying in politics with religion is generally seen as unacceptable in the UK; we’ve had wars over it. Whilst the monarch is head of the Church of England, she does not hold sway in Scotland and, anyway, not only are there so many religions, I suspect most people are healthily cynical; certainly, anyone attempting to suggest that members of parliament are doing God’s work (or whatever) would, at best, be laughed at. From the outside looking in, Trump just seems like a kid in the playground, charging around without thinking of any consequences, poking his tongue out at people who upset him. Maybe he has a Plan; maybe it will work; maybe the world will be better because of him; but it doesn’t appear that way at the moment. Working together? – what a wonderful, sensible, idea; could it happen without a dramatic change to a) human nature and b) the system of government?

    1. Thank you for you insightful comments. I agree, religion and politics do not mix well. The separation of church and state, provided for in our constitution, is the wisdom of our founding fathers.

      President Trump, appears to have no cogent plan but rather trusts his intuition in most matters. This has led to chaos, and increasing divisions among people. Also, fear of what he is capable of.

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