‘A Brooks Tale’


The boy felt like he had been there before.

He noticed the lovely tree lined street, that his house was on, and it seemed so familiar.  His house was comfortable with a lot of music and laughter.

The boy’s friends were numerous and fun.  He thought Susie was pretty and Steve was a master puppeteer.

His Dad was there, in the evening, and he seemed ten foot tall.  He was mysterious and dressed in black and he hoisted the boy on to his broad shoulders and the boy thought that he was the king of the world.

There was sadness in the home…at first hidden and then revealed suddenly.  Something was amiss…but the boy could not discern the problem and he busied himself playing and watching the marionette shows and enjoying hearing Susie tell him how sweet that he was.

The teenager enjoyed church and church work.  Most of his friends were associated with his involvement in church.  He enjoyed reading the Bible and the positive reinforcement that he received from his minister and his peers and the many elderly parishioners that he visited with on a weekly basis.

When the teenager had nothing…his minister told him that he would be a leader of many people.  The teenager laughed.

One afternoon a quiet girl told the teenager that she believed that he would be a success and a leader of people.

The minister told the teenager that he had an old soul.


The teenager, often, understood the problems and issues of adults and related to them…much easier than those of his peers.

The man was asked if he would lead a university department of over 300 people.

The man was humbled and honored…and shocked.

The man’s wife had told him, when he began in the department, as a janitor, that one day he would lead the organization.

The man had watched the university’s president’s assistant interact with many in the university community.

The thought, came to him, that one day he would have the opportunity to have a job assisting the universities’ leader.

Years later, the universities’ chancellor offered the man a job assisting her…and she was terminated, in an untimely manner, before the job could be obtained.

The man had a pastor, for many years, and the first thought that the man had when he met the pastor…was that he liked her very much and that he wanted to help her.

The man lost the pastor…but his original feelings for her and her ministry…were realized at the very end of her pastorate.

The man became older and thought about his health and the health of his wife and his sons…and wondered how long his story would go?

Wake up dear…you are going to be late…the woman told the man.

‘My goodness,’ the man said.

‘I had the same strange dream again…where I was young…and then suddenly old…and then worried about dieing,’ he said.

‘I wonder if it is something that your are eating,’ the woman said.

9 responses

  1. I loved this BJ. Lovely reminiscing and the last sentence from the wife is just outstanding. Happy Friday and weekend ahead! Hope you will be at the place where everyone knows your name 😉

    1. Thank you, my friend. I will! 😉🍺

  2. Yaay! Chug a few and enjoy 🙂 I will join you virtually with my inanimate furball Garfield – save us a spot LOL!

    1. Absolutely! Your stools are reserved. 😉🍺🍀

      1. 🍻😃See you there!!🐺

  3. What an amazing sequence of photos and stories, BJay! I loved it 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. 🍀😉

      1. And Happy Patrick’s Day! 🙂

      2. The same to you, my friend. 🍀🍻😉

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