Who Is a Writer?

Since the days of Grade School, I have wanted to be a writer.

From the days of writing book reports to the days of English Composition in Mrs. Barton’s class  too writing for a church newsletter…or writing in, my favorite professor, Carol’s course, at SIU.

Writing was one of my favorite, necessary jobs, during my management career at the University.  I have, often felt, that I communicate more efficiently in writing than verbally.  Also, I enjoy endeavoring to write in different styles or in another voice.

Have you ever heard the axiom, ‘ a writer…writes?’  I have found this to be, indeed, true for me since my retirement, over seven years ago.

‘Ernest Hemingway had said that ‘there is nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’   MC’s Whispers

I am pleased with my writing when I leave a little portion of myself on the paper.

Writing is a satisfying experience when it comes for a place of honesty…that includes both joy and sorrow…happiness and pain.

The laptop and the exercise of writing has become, almost a daily obsession, for me…a magnificent obsession.

The more that I write…the more that I want to write.

I have two, primary places, for writing.  The first would be a portion of our deck, that we had screened in a few years ago, that overlooks our pond.  I find it both extremely peaceful and always inspirational.


The second writing place is our Loft, which again overlooks the pond, and where we placed my desk, looking out of a large triangle shaped window, not long before my retirement in 2010.


Nature inspires me.  It’s unparalleled beauty can reset my compass…at anytime.

IMG_8888 2

No all writers are Stephen King.

Enjoyable writing is a bit of an organic process and is intuitive.

Writing is somewhat similar to the christian life.  Some would have you believe that to be a christian that you must follow the rules and precepts that a group of, historically, men, have set down as the, strict, form, of christianity that must be followed…religiously….if you want to succeed in obtaining Heaven.

When in reality we are all God’s creation… and he loves us all…


in all of our diversity and subtle nuances…

So, it is with writing.  It should reflect who the writer is.  It should reflect the writer’s truth.  It should be celebrated for it’s uniqueness and brilliance and a reflection of the kaleidoscope of our human experience.


12 responses

  1. I am not a writer who writes but I write…and I bleed while I do it. I also hate to write. 😞

    1. Writing ✍🏻 is such a personal endeavor that I think that it is, somewhat, different for each of us.

  2. You have such scenic views to write. And that little tyke…is he your dog? Really cute mini bull dog is he? Keep writing as we enjoy reading 🙂

    1. Yes, Wallace is nine years old. He is a Boston Terrier. Thank you, my friend. ✍🏻😉

      1. Nice to meet Wallace! Such a cute face…Boston Terrier…I learnt a new breed. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Margo. ✍🏻

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