The Unparalleled Beauty and Value of SIU

Although I have been retired from Southern Illinois University for the past 7 years and four months…I think about my University…daily.

My career at SIU opened up the infinite possibilities of life to me and the kaleidoscope of beauty that is the diversity of the human family.

IMG_9775IMG_9756SIU-Carbondale is the Flagship Campus of the Southern Illinois University System and the historical meaning of that fact can not be lost for political expediency.

The loss of the ‘Second Jewel in the Crown’ of higher education in Illinois should not come at the behest of poor management and state government that has abdicated it’s responsibility to the people of Illinois.


Former University President, Delyte Morris began, as an outgrowth of the tremendous expansion of SIU-Carbondale, a satellite campus in Edwardsville, Illinois.  IMG_9752

SIU-C is a Carnegie II institution with a plethora of PhD programs.

When we compare SIU Edwardsville with SIU Carbondale…it is similar to comparing apples and oranges.

The infrastructure, both academically and physically, is at the Flagship Campus…SIU-C.

The Vision of Southern Illinois University was birthed in Carbondale, Illinois…almost 150 years ago at Southern Illinois Normal University.

The strength of our academic programs and the unparalleled dedication of the faculty and staff and students of our great school can not be obfuscated by the blindness of past leaders.

To dismantle the Southern Illinois University System is to destroy the core of who we are and our strength going forward.

The Morris dream of having a major University in the middle of the cornfields and coal mines of deep Southern Illinois is a majestic one and an inspiration and a loadstone among higher education institutions.


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  1. Beautiful pictures of the trees and their blossoms I love time of year 🙂

    1. Thank you, my friend. I do as well. 🌼🌸

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