Bill Cosby

I was a fan of the television show, I Spy, since it’s beginning on NBC in 1965.  The character of Alexander ‘Scotty’ Scott, portrayed by Bill Cosby, was a cool character and Cosby played him to perfection.  ‘Their work involved chasing villains, spies, and beautiful women.’   Wikipedia

There were few African Americans in leading roles and Cosby’s expertise in acting was a role model for many, including me…and I am not African American.

I listened to his comedy, vinyl records, and his portrayal of Noah talking to God…was priceless.

I purchased his books on Fatherhood…and I read them.

The Cosby Show was the most beautiful example of an upper middle class African American family…and it was number one.  It illustrated so clearly that the stereotypical roles that had been assigned to the African American Community were so false and demeaning and just plain stupidity that was fostered from learned bias.

Bill Cosby made Jello sound delicious!

His comedy was void of profanity and it was tremendously funny.

These facts of his performance career can not be changed…but hidden beneath them was a sexual predator and a serial rapist who used his good name and dignified position and power and influence to permanently mark and, often, destroy the lives of women who had nothing but confidence in him.

When I first heard the accusations against him…I had to sit with the information for days…thinking about how this could possibly be the same man that I had admired since my childhood.

The cascading fall of one of my heroes and role models…took sometime to absorb.

But, the unmitigated suffering that he caused to at least 60 women…is a wrong that can not be measured…and today justice was…finally served.

I applaud the women that came forward and faced their attacker…after so many years.

Their courage is inspiring and uplifting and to be emulated.

I think that we must separate the acting that exemplified a positive role model for not only the African American Community…but for us all…from the hidden real man that hurt so many women…and who, until recently, were treated as less than human.

I heard a newscaster remark today that Mr. Cosby walked, haltingly and relying on both the strong arm of his spokesman and a cane, into the courtroom…but after the verdict he exited much more quickly and without the aid of the cane.

Until today…we have been the victim…of an excellent actor.


12 responses

  1. Great post. He was the example of what a father should be. What a disgrace he turned out to be.

  2. Brilliant idea with the photos. Bravo 🙂

    1. Thank you, my friend.

  3. He was an entitled predator, who hopefully will get his “just desserts.”

  4. I was the same as a child. I loved the man.
    It is like he gives us a introductory course in sociopathism.
    He fooled us all.

  5. This was very wonderfully and insightfully written. Often I find posts neglect to mention the good Bill Crosby did and the joy he brought to countless people and it is counterproductive. When we paint someone strictly as a villain we mark them as incomprehensible and fail to consider that they are in fact completely human. By doing so, we separate ourselves from violence and immorality but we have to be aware that everyone is capable of doing bad things, ourselves included. I think this case illustrated perfectly the complexity of human beings and the fact that “good” people can do awful things.

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🌞

  6. Remember that one episode where he talked about the barbecue sauce making people want to have sex? I think he was giving a hint to his personal life in that episode.

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