Life Dreams

Please enjoy another great Blog from my son Jonathon Brooks.


Yesterday a friend of mine asked me about my life goals. I feel like my life is complete and I’m content with the way things are. So when she asked me the question I didn’t have much of an answer. However, now I think I’ll write about ten things that I’d like to experience in my lifetime. These could be called life dreams. Perhaps I’ll chase some of them and perhaps some of them will chase me. Here I go.

10. I’d like to be paid for my writing. A five dollar check for a short story sold would be like solid gold to me. I’ve been published before but I’ve yet to be paid for my work. It would be highly cool to go from an amateur writer to professional.

9. I’d like to read 2,000 books. I’m currently at 556 read. After one book is finished I immediately…

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