Who Is My Neighbor?

Have you ever stopped to consider why the human family is so tribal and clannish?

This insular feeling not only applies to closed groups of people but also to; churches and governments and countries.

I have known people who are determined and assured that if you are not a member of their particular church or faith group…that you are lost and the God is not particularly interested in you.

So, the Creator of the human family…only created a few examples that were not rejects?

The ultimate and omnipotent master of all time and space…could not get it right in his human creation…and thus only ‘calls’ certain people…and the rest can forget any hope of redemption?

Now, this division is not only inherent in many christian denominations and groups but also is often thought to be truth by, inclusive christians, who include all of their christian brothers and sisters…but not those muslims…or jews…or hindus…or buddhists.

Of late, our government has chosen to align itself with nationalism or ‘american first’ policies and exclaim that we are going to take care of americans before we reach out to other countries.

‘James Shaw Jr., the hero of the April 22 Waffle House shooting, has launched a campaign on a crowdfunding site to raise money for the victims of the deadly attack in a Nashville suburb.’     ABC News

Mr. Shaw grabbed the extremely hot barrel of an AR-15 from a shooter, severely burning his hands, and saving many lives.

‘The 29-year old AT&T worker and father of a 4-year old girl recounted to ABC News how he hid behind a door near the Waffle House’s bathroom as he eyed the alleged suspect,, Travis Reinking, who was reloading his weapon.’

‘That’s when Shaw said he sprang into action.  He wrestled the shooter’s AR-15 rifle away from him, throwing it over a counter and forcing the man to flee.’   ABC News

As of yet…our president has not acknowledged Mr. Shaw’s act of heroism.

Mr. Shaw is an African American.

Elder, Jim Calloway, spoke this morning in our church service.  He gave remarks on his experiences with Marion Medical Mission in digging wells in Malawi in Africa.  Jim noted that the people of Malawi were so friendly and inviting and socially aware of the challenges of their country.

Jim spoke of the dignity of those that he met and interacted with during his Mission Trips to Africa.  He went on to speak of his reconciliation of thought regarding traveling to a far away land to help impoverished people when there are homeless and poverty stricken people in our community.  He said that when he spoke of his conundrum to another member of our church…the member asked him, ‘what does it matter who you help?’

‘When in Africa, volunteers are paired up and sent out to the most remote villages with a member of our African staff.  The off-road, four drive trucks are loaded with parts to complete the wells.  Many of the wells are past the point of truck allowance; volunteers must then walk the remaining distance to a well site.  Once they arrive, a member of our African staff works to install the pump as the volunteers talk with villagers and record data for the well.’   Marion Medical Mission

When, many, of our current political leaders tell us that they believe that America First is the right philosophy…ask them what American that they see outside their windows and at their churches and in their social groups and member of their friends and family?





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