The Southern Illinois University Great Cardboard Boat Regatta

IMG_9849‘The Great Cardboard Boat Regatta returns to Campus Lake this spring with SIU holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the grand opening of Becker Pavilion on April 28.’

‘The boat regatta is a race where adults and children make life-sized boats out of cardboard and sail them on campus lake.’   Daily Egyptian


‘The 45th annual Great Cardboard Boat Regatta is returning to Campus Lake at Southern Illinois University Carbondale for 2018.’

‘The regatta originated at SIU in 1974 as a freshman art and design class project for the late Richard Archer’s classes.  It went on to become an annual event, replicated all around the world and viewed by an estimated half-millions plus visitors.’   Daily Egyptian

IMG_9845Today is a big day on the Campus of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  The Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta has retuned to Campus Lake, after the work that was accomplished to remove toxic algae by, first draining the Lake, and then dredging it from the shore and lake bottom.

Campus Lake is a senic area on the campus of SIU that is frequented by many walkers and outdoor enthusiast who utilize the walking path that encircles the Lake.

There are many diverse examples of wildlife, including: birds and turtles and deer and ducks.



SIU Carbondale is noted among universities throughout the country for it’s natural setting and environment.  There are two rustic woods on Campus…replete with wildlife.

IMG_9846SIU is truly a unique and special institution of higher education.

Former University President Delyte Morris had trees shipped to SIU from all over the world to enable our students to have a a resplendent natural laboratory in which to learn.



Students who attend our school are recipients of, somewhat, of a removal from the the frenetic hustle and bustle that has become an ever present part of our lives.

At SIU they have a welcoming environment of nature that calms the mind and focuses the emotions to facilitate immersion in their chosen discipline.

And…it is fun to be a part of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale!




Note: Boat Regatta Photos are courtesy of SIU and Elizabeth Cheek.


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